November 19 2017

White House: Blame cyberattack on hackers, not spy agencies

November 19 2017, 06:59 | Clarence Walton

48K ransomware attack attempts seen in India: Quick Heal Tech

WannaCry Ransomware 48,000 Cyber Attack Attempts Seen in India Says Quick Heal

A ransomware attack that began in Europe on Friday is lingering - and hitting new targets in Japan and China.

"It removes the incentive to send any money to the attacker", Hickey said.

Lieu, who noted on his Web site that he is "one of only four computer science majors serving in Congress", supports changing the vulnerabilities equities process (VEP) to ensure greater transparency in how the federal government notifies software companies about bugs it identifies.

Then there's the USA government, whose Windows hacking tools were leaked to the internet and got into the hands of cybercriminals.

Officials of the SBI, Axis Bank, and HDFC Bank said no impact had been reported on their operations on account of WannaCry.

"What we're seeing here is that we've got some humans in some companies who, for whatever reason, just didn't push the patches out in time", he added. "They've been able to manage through it". "Whether there are more to follow immediately or not, trend is certainly showing significant increase in such attacks". The malicious software is gradually gaining control over other computer systems too.

Earlier in the day, central transmission utility Power Grid said it has put sufficient firewalls to deal with the global cyber-attack Ramsomware and consumers need not fear sudden outages on that account. Following the WannaCry attack, one of the biggest in history, Microsoft itself has joined the ranks of the critics.

On social media, students reported being locked out of final papers, and talk of how to avoid the virus was widespread on the messaging app WeChat.

The same goes for cloud services, though they can be helpful.

Malware-tracking maps show WannaCry has remained active in Europe over the past 24 hours. It does not cross their minds for a moment that the giant Microsoft is not about to phone an individual user about an issue on their system.

"You are dealing with a criminal", he said. The systems associated with the National Information Center (NIC) are safe.

The hackers demand $300 in bitcoins to release the affected system and its data, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in business damage to corporations and government utilities.

The identity of whoever deployed the software remains unknown.

Microsoft's chief legal officer and President Brad Smith has called on governments around the world to treat the global cyber attack as a "wake-up call" and has blamed the US for the effects. He says that when the NSA lost control of the software behind the cyberattack, it was like "the US military having some of its Tomahawk missiles stolen". While neither Microsoft nor the NSA has confirmed it, computer experts believe that the NSA likely tipped off Microsoft about the flaw once they realized the tool had been stolen. Interestingly, Microsoft had patched the vulnerability right before the stolen data was published in March. "We will continue to work with affected (organizations) to confirm this", the agency said.

Security experts said there is little chance the victims will regain access to their files, even if they do pay, because of the way WannaCry is designed.

"Overall, the USA infection rates have been slower than the rest of the world, but we may still see significant impacts in additional networks as these malware attacks morph and change", said Bossert.

Mr Ryan Kalember, senior vice president at Proofpoint which helped stop its spread, said the version without a kill switch could spread. The company said in a statement that their Windows-based systems were "experiencing interference" due to malware and that it was trying to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

Part of the blame for this weekend's attack lies with computer users and IT managers who haven't upgraded their system. The British Home Secretary said most of the NHS systems were back to normal by midday Saturday.

Keep all the software on your computer up-to-date. And remember that any account can be compromised. "Stay away from file extensions like ".exe", ".vbs" and ".scr".

"This number does not include infections inside corporate networks where a proxy server is required for connecting to the internet, meaning that the real number of victims might easily be larger", he said.

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