November 19 2017

Google challenges Apple's Siri by opening digital assistant to iPhone

November 19 2017, 06:45 | Jodi Jackson

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said technology is moving to an "AI-first world", and the company is embracing it.

In developing countries like India, Africa and Brazil, millions of users use Android devices - but suffer from high data charges that makes it hard to access the web and services.

Google punctuated the theme near the end of the conference's keynote address by projecting the phrase, "Computing that works like we do".

Google's idea of implementing Augmented Reality (AR) in begins by integrating Tango and Maps. However, it failed to take off in key markets, like India, because the companies that manufactured the devices couldn't make much money just selling the hardware.

Among the other new features introduced at the long-awaited Google I/O conference was the Google Lens initiative. One of the most important announcements being, Android O Beta Launch.

In essence, Google Play Protect is a set of features that will ensure your device is always secure.

Daydream VR Google announced that it would be launching Daydream VR (Virtual Reality) Headset which will work without a smartphone. Android Go also offers features for users with limited data connectivity and who speak multiple languages. This is already available on the Echo and other devices that use its Alexa assistant.

Users of Google Assistant also have the flexibility of entering queries via voice search or by manually typing them, whereas Siri only recognizes voice commands. And with Android O, we've gone further, building a new, more efficient runtime sandbox for instant apps, sharable support libraries to reduce app size, and launcher integration support. Here, instead of communicating to the Assistant with the voice, you can also type your queries. Also called Lens, it lets people point their cameras at real-world items and find out where to buy them, or find similar things online. Those that now are can be found under the Assistant Apps section of the AI app and need to be referred to by name in order to be used. Today, there are lots of Daydream-ready phones available to choose from.

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