November 19 2017

Dallas lawyer Rachel Lindsay is America's first black 'Bachelorette'

November 19 2017, 06:59 | Frederick Owens

Rachel Lindsay and her bachelors. Craig Sjodin ABC Special to Forum News Service

Rachel Lindsay and her bachelors. Craig Sjodin ABC  Special to Forum News Service

"You're going to be bad about keeping this secret, just tell them you're engaged.'" But no, there will be no other spoilers. "So I'd like to see a very diverse cast, '" she said.

Of the 13 seasons of the show, the median age of the Bachelorette has been 27 years old.

And as usual, numerous suitors attempt to make a mind-blowing first impression by trotting out props and gimmicks. One of the men who went home was upset Lucas stayed and that he didn't have the opportunity to wear the wonderful outfits he brought.

Lindsay fell for Nick Viall and made it to the final three, but was dumped after a date in Lapland. She might like having a familiar face around later in the season. "My ex of two years". "I think she represents what is a truly excellent group of professional women in our community here exceptionally well".

The lady lawyer also hopes that viewers can relate to her journey now more than in her first outing in the previous season of The Bachelor.

And that was before the season even started! Blake, on the other hand, might shape up to be the season's villain.

Bryan, 27. Meet Bryan, a Spanish-speaking chiropractor who makes a very audible "muah" sound when he kisses Rachel's cheek. Rachel is a trial attorney, and she has said herself that her dedication to her career has made her neglect other aspects of here life. "I was not ready for it, did not want to kiss anybody tonight, but boy did I love it", Rachel giggled to the camera later.

Blake K., 29, retired Marine: She likes that his grandparents have been married for nearly 65 years, but I want to know how old they are. So congrats to those two, their lives and every motion they make from now until her finale airs on August 7th will be dissected every which way but Sunday, so I hope they're ready for that.

She's already had her heart broken in a painfully public way, so that's no big deal.

More recently, there was an inter-contestant feud on the 2015 season of "Bachelor in Paradise", when 20-something contestants portrayed 30-something contestants as "cougars" who were desperate to find love.

Contestant Lucas' questionnaire also included a controversial comment. Powers' Bachelorette bio page on no longer shows the boilerplate question about his dating fears, but it does list that the 30-year-old firefighter's greatest achievement to date is "making my parents proud and inspiring my little brother".

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