November 19 2017

Texas 'bathroom bill' fading as legislative session wraps up

November 19 2017, 06:57 | Rex Rios

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Sacrificing Texas values for hate: SB 4 closes the door on diversity

Governors in Arkansas, Kentucky and South Dakota have recently rejected legislative efforts over this type of law.

Most of the attention thus far has focused on proposals to limit transgender people to the bathrooms and locker rooms of their biological sex, not the gender with which they identify.

In a last minute vote Saturday, the Texas House and Senate passed House Bill 2445. Both the immigration bill and the anti-abortion bill are scheduled to go into effect on September 1, though legal challenges could delay implementation.

Relating to actions on and liability associated with certain insurance claims.

"Essentially, they've got to come back if they don't pass something by tomorrow", John Longley, the former director of the Texas Sunset Commission, told The Texas Tribune late Sunday night.

"He looked into the crowd and he saw illegals", Romero said of Rinaldi. Taking the win in a tight race for most controversial bill of the year, SB 4 gives street cops the authority to ask anyone - including children - about his or her immigration status while detaining a person for any reason. "It's half a loaf, and it wasn't even the best half of the loaf", McDonald said in reference to the three-out-of-six scorecard on the governor's bills. The casualties included measures requiring lawmakers to wait two years before becoming lobbyists, prohibiting lobbyists from serving in elective office, and lowering the reporting threshold for identifying public officials who are wined and dined by lawmakers.

A bill that would help fund the City of Abilene's downtown hotel project is now on Governor Abbott's desk awaiting his signature.

State Sen. Dawn Buckingham and State Rep. Stan Lambert both proposed similar bills that did not pass.

All signs point to a possible special session-at the cost of $800,000 to taxpayers. The two chambers have passed competing versions of HB 22, each of which would make various tweaks to the system.

Patrick held his own news conference, saying that's not true.

Outcome: House and Senate approved the bill, which has been sent to the governor.

HB 4, which would increase the amount of money given to relative caregivers, is headed to Abbott's desk.

Despite the tensions, the budget overwhelmingly cleared both the House and Senate, and Republicans in both chambers praised it as responsible belt-tightening in the face of slumping energy prices.

Senate Bill 2, another high priority for Patrick, gained easy approval from Senate Republicans during the regular session. In fact, that's exactly what he threatened to do earlier this month when squaring off with House Speaker Joe Straus (R), who blocked SB6 from advancing. Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he is resolved to force a special session if a North Carolina-style law that could restrict bathroom access for transgender people doesn't prevail - but Abbott made clear later that he was calling the shots.

Business leaders representing Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce and other companies have written to Texas Governor Greg Abbott urging him to veto an anti-transgender "bathroom bill." The measure passed 135-14 in the House (with Rep. Dawnna Dukes, D-Pflugerville, absent). The Senate requested a conference committee on that bill to explore a compromise but the House has not responded. And why would the Senate want a special session? The bill will also make it hard for Texas to secure major sporting events like the Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Game in the future.

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