November 19 2017

Some Democratic governors form group to uphold Paris pact

November 19 2017, 01:00 | Van Peters

President Donald Trump declared Thursday he was withdrawing the USA from the landmark Paris climate agreement, striking a major blow to worldwide efforts to combat climate change and distancing the country from many allies overseas.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned on Thursday that if the Paris accord frayed because of a USA pullout, "then it means we will be doing less on climate protection, the deserts will grow, war and civil war will take place over water, with corresponding movements of migrants".

European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted a direct appeal to US President Donald Trump early Thursday not to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

"One by one we are keeping the promises I made to the American people", Trump said. Trump appeared unswayed, and a communique coming out of the meeting pointedly failed to include the United States among G-7 countries backing the agreement.

"I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburg, not Paris". Chief strategist Steve Bannon supports an exit, while senior adviser Jared Kushner generally thinks the deal is bad, but would like to find a way to see if the US emissions targets can be changed. The Paris Agreement applies to both rich and poor countries, though it says the rich should take the lead in cutting emissions.

Trump is reportedly leaning toward a withdrawal from the deal, a move that would signal the President's strongest effort yet to unravel former President Barack Obama's environmental policies.

"The nations that remain in the Paris agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created", he said.

Mr Dathi told the Press Association: "I think Theresa May is herself someone who doesn't really believe in climate change, doesn't have a sound commitment to it, and is much more interested in profits, in the unfettered ability of companies to make huge amounts of profit". Now how is that a fair deal for the American people?

"The decision by the United States to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change is a major disappointment for global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote global security", the spokesman said in a statement.

Although Trump announced the withdrawal from the agreement, he is still open to negotiating an alternative climate deal.

"We're getting out", Trump said at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden in which he decried the Paris accord's "draconian" financial and economic burdens.

There have been influential voices urging Trump not to ditch the Paris accord.

Trump is expected to announce his decision on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 pm EDT (1900 GMT).

"The administration just hasn't been responding to us to see if they're interested in working on bringing folks here", Walsh said at a news conference. "There are millions of us still committed to #ActOnClimate", Rep. "Civic leaders, mayors, governors, CEOs, investors and the majority of the business community will take up this challenge".

Republicans applauded Mr Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. Trump's decision marked "a sad day for the global community", said Miguel Arias Canete, climate action commissioner for the European Union.

The leaders of France, Germany and Italy joined to "note with regret" the Trump decision and express doubts about any change in the accord.

Last fall, Obama hailed the agreement as a "turning point for our planet".

"We will continue to lobby the Americans and the White House to show the leadership they have shown in the past on reducing CO2", he said.

"I know you can drive economic growth and protect the environment at the same time, because that is exactly what I did as governor of Texas".

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