November 19 2017

Clark won't quit as BC premier, will recall house

November 19 2017, 06:58 | Clarence Walton

Who's up for an election?

Why British Columbia's Election Impacts Kinder Morgan

For the full wording of the agreement, click this link; it covers the parties' intention with regard to several issues.

Perhaps not. For starters, the NDP-Green Party pact could always fall apart. The new government could choose not to defend one of them brought by a B.C. First Nations community.

"Today, we're already seeing capital leaving Canada and moving towards the U.S".

"The result of the election was clear".

The 10-page document is not meant to be a detailed list of all the actions of a new government, but instead a guiding document of shared values, say party officials.

That agreement still needed to be ratified by NDP and Green MLAs, which is expected to happen Tuesday.

Letnick, along with Steve Thomson in adjoining Kelowna-Mission, was first elected in 2009 and like Thomson and Clark, was easily re-elected earlier this month. This as the partnership outlines its proposal to replace the BC Liberals. "I'm glad that the Green Party saw the benefit of testing the will of the population on something this important and fundamental to our democracy", Simons said, and we expect most people would agree - except, of course, the Greens, who campaigned against holding a referendum before changing the system. "Certainly everybody will be in attendance and working to advance good public policy".

Kinder Morgan Inc.'s setbacks in Canada just got more complicated.

And, in a brief provincewide news conference Tuesday afternoon, she said she's fine with that.

The Liberals won 43 seats in the May 9 election, enough to form a minority government, but it may not be enough to gain the confidence of the house when Christy Clark recalls the legislature in June.

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver said his party will support the NDP for four years in a "stable minority government".

A very big disappointment to B.C. voters that voted for the B.C. Green party, and just a complete waste of time for everyone. Judith Guichon demonstrates their readiness to govern and work together.

The B.C. Liberals are fighting back against the NDP and Greens.

"If you look at where we see the future going, we think we have to start making profound changes in the structure of our economy", Toner said.

"We're not going to stop work at Site C while that review takes place", Horgan said.

Horgan said after 16 years in Opposition, he is excited about the prospect of governing.

The BC Green Party has agreed to support the NDP in forming a new government and vowing to put a halt to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

The NDP will not stop construction of the Site C dam (yet) but will send it to immediate review by the B.C. Utilities Commission under its agreement with the Greens.

"Coast Protectors, this is a huge moment". Under Canadian law, the federal government has jurisdiction over pipelines extending across provinces.

"But we're not done yet".

"But for now, let us celebrate the end of sixteen years of Liberal rule and reaffirm our commitments: to the land, the air, the water and each other".

"As long as government is committed to build infrastructure and address safety, growth and due process, as we have in the past, we'll find a way to work and advocate for our industry in whatever paradigm we're entering into", he added.

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