November 19 2017

Curry, Durant Power Warriors Past Cavs In Game 1, 113-91

November 19 2017, 06:45 | Frederick Owens

Cavs the champs but Warriors the favorites in the NBA Finals

June 1, 2017 | Warriors vs. Cavaliers Vol. 3

After Golden State's 113-91 win, Robert Littal of Black Sports Online asked Durant about the extended look in Rihanna's direction. They lost Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals by 15 and got walloped by 33 in Game 2 before winning four of the next six games to claim the championship.

The two teams will now have two days off to digest this one before Game 2 on Sunday at 8 p.m. ED here in Oakland.

Disguising the normal and reliable Cleveland sets, including the Spain pick-and-roll and HORNS dribble hand-offs, will punish the Warriors switching scheme and create open avenues for LeBron to pass to his teammates around the rim.

How come there's no in-between with Kyrie? When a team shoots that poorly while being careless with passes, it's usually going to lose regardless of what defensive plan it has designed.

Although Curry's 3-point shot is his greatest weapon, he values his balance and footwork as his greatest assets to get him in shooting position. Basketball is a game of match-ups. Of course you do. The Warriors were down 3-1 in that series, but managed to battle all the way back to advance to the NBA Finals. The final score of that contest was 93-89.

Cavaliers forward Kevin Love says greater effort will be coming in game two.

But Rihanna took LeBron James's loss in stride and was captured on camera by Tony Zarrella of Cleveland 19 News saying, "It doesn't matter, b*tch" and engaging in more trash talk with bystanders by saying, "the King is still the King, b*tch", referring to LeBron James (not in the "b*tch" portion of the sentence, just to clarify). Now how is that Lue's fault?

The lone person to pick the Cavs picked them in seven.

It didn't work. The Warrios were prepared and laying in wait for James. The adjustment worked, but too little, too late. He finished with a game-high 38 points, nine rebounds and eight assists.

"Just get focused on game two [on Sunday]", James said.

What is cause for a major red flag was the play of Javale McGee and Zaza Pachulia. Forced to play huge minutes and carry a massive scoring and playmaking role for Cleveland's offense, James no longer has the luxury of buying meaningful rest on defense.

Getting Tristan Thompson to wake up would be a good place to start. So that's one area we can do a better job in. But still, the 3-1 comeback is the Cavs' ultimate comfort card. "That's one of the things that we need, a guy who can go get a bucket, get to the foul line". Frankly, I don't know why we didn't see Williams in Game 1. "But we can play better". Williams can't help you for 10-12 minutes? James said he would do his best to be ready for the series opener when his mind was elsewhere, concerned for his wife and children back in Ohio.

If this year is anything like last year, we could be in for a classic.

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