November 19 2017

Apple set to expand Siri, taking different route from Amazon's Alexa

November 19 2017, 01:00 | Jodi Jackson

Apple Siri Speakers to go into Production

Here's What To Look For At Apple's WWDC Week

The 2017 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is just ahead of us - it will be held next Monday, June 2. Instead, the event will take place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose.

Until a new power source is developed, battery life is always going to be an issue for smartphones, but extending it for a few hours would be a major advantage to millions of iPhone users. In addition to a myriad of potential product announcements, including a redesigned 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a premium, Siri-based speaker system, Apple's top brass will also use the WWDC keynote to showcase all four of the company's next-generation software titles - iOS 11, macOS 10.13, tvOS 11, and watchOS 4.

Meanwhile, Apple has been under pressure to wow the world with a new creation as its culture-changing iPhone is about to turn 10 years old.

Rumors and early reports indicate the Cupertino tech giant may release a new iPad pro, and according to Bloomberg, a Siri-controlled home speaker to challenge Amazon Echo and Google Home.

What we do know is that Apple has started manufacturing the device and that it'll feature "virtual surround sound" that provides far better audio quality than the competition.

It also may use the company's HomeKit, which already works with Siri technology to automate the home, to act as a hub for home appliances, lights and other devices. The speaker will also reportedly be built by the same Taiwanese manufacturers that built Apple's popular AirPods. Instead, the smart money is on the current MacBook range getting a spec bump on the inside, most likely with Intel's new Kaby Lake processor.

Apple's iPads and Macs all have it so why can't the iPhone have a split screen option. It looks like Apple wants to woo back its customers with a faster processor. For example, while Apple is apparently keeping the MacBook Air in its lineup, it won't announce a upgrade for this notebook and it doesn't appear to have stellar future.

And keep in mind to factor in how cheap Echo Dots are compared to Apple products. Thanks in part to analyst expectations (as reported by Mac Rumors), there's plenty of buzz suggesting a 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be revealed at WWDC that similar in size to the 9.7-inch model. These model numbers are said to be of computers running macOS 10.12. A user could log in with their pin, password, or Touch ID fingerprint and their iOS device would then be fully customized to their last-used settings: everything from app layout to wallpapers to email accounts.

According to reports, Apple employees are already testing the device in their homes.

There's no doubt Apple will sell a few tens of millions of these new devices simply due to their brand power and existing user base, but long-term sales sustainability is what's in question here. Apple is expected to announce three new phones of some kind this fall; the last thing it needs is a new cheap iPhone undercutting the "super-cycle" of people upgrading to the iPhone 8. Will we get them this time? Furthermore, another device labeled A1843 points to a possible wireless keyboard by Apple. If the company decides to launch a new MacBook Pro on June 5, it would be well below the average time between each refresh, which is 320 days.

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