November 19 2017

Bloomberg says US does not need Washington to fulfil Paris agreement

November 19 2017, 07:00 | Frederick Owens

The day after President Donald Trump announced the US will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, it seemed White House officials were tasked with keeping the president's actual stance on climate change frustratingly ambiguous.

In hard talks leading up to the December 2015 accord, other countries often yielded to US positions so that the world's biggest economy wouldn't walk away, as it did from the previous climate deal, the Kyoto Protocol.

"If such a major emitter as the U.S. is not going to cooperate entirely then it won't be possible to agree any deal in this area", Putin said.

Environmental activists upset at President Donald Trump's exit from the Paris climate accord will protest the controversial withdrawal Friday afternoon. The president's decision to abandon the almost 200-nation strong pact drew sharp condemnation from global leaders as well as major corporations within the United States and around the world.

"There is a pathway here where the rest of America in reaction to, really, what is an insane decision by President Trump, takes the kind of steps needed", said California Governor Jerry Brown, who was joined by the governors of Washington and NY, who also called for a "climate alliance".

"Prevention is the best medicine - and the overwhelming majority of Americans believe we should be taking action on climate change".

(In case you're wondering where Australians stand on the Paris agreement, some new research by the Climate institute suggests that a large majority of Australians - 87 per cent - support the agreement and do not want Australia to step back from its commitments).

Malloy said that CT is "a national leader in combatting climate change" and has no intention of slowing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The now one of only three nations to reject the agreement.

During Friday's press conference, the Sierra Club tweeted it fully supports the Paris agreement and added, "Scott Pruitt is a liar". As even the Weather Channel goes rogue to resist Trump, Michael Bloomberg intends to make it like Trump never happened, something we often dream about ourselves.

"To me it was just the right thing to do", Bell said.

But the 2015 Paris Agreement is different. On June 2, Mayor Bill Peduto said that he is joining a coalition that intends to uphold the Paris Agreement, called Mayors for 100% Clean Energy. "I would say that there are climate exaggerators", he said.

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