November 19 2017

Apple's iOS 11 update ends support for iPhone 5 and 5C

November 19 2017, 12:51 | Geraldine Moore

Above An illustration shows the new iPad home screen in iOS 11 on stage

Above An illustration shows the new iPad home screen in iOS 11 on stage

The iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, and 7 Plus. With no mention of the Mac Pro at this year's WWDC it would indicate that Apple is quietly retiring its dedicated tower PC in favour of the slick all-in-one, though we will wait to see if the company has anything up its sleeve later this year.

The speaker, priced at $349, will sync with Siri, Apple Music, the iTunes library, and any other smart home devices you have connected through the Apple app. Apple claims the sound quality on its HomePod is superior to Amazon's Echo or Google's GOOG.

On Monday, Apple officially announced the iOS 11 alongside a plethora of other software and hardware products at the WWDC event. We don't have a date yet, but iOS 11 will release with the new iPhones later this year. The beta of iOS 11 is available only to developers right now, but dark mode will come to everyone when the new version is publicly launched this fall.

Siri will be able to translate from English to French, German, Chinese, Spanish, and Italian, which should help worldwide travelers.

The personal assistant is also about to get a little more involved in daily life. The MacBooks are likewise getting an upgrade to Kaby Lake, and will also get new SSDs that are 50 percent faster than the previous generation, the company said. "The AR kit will create a level of innovation within their software developer community that is going to result in an wonderful amount of new apps".

iOS 9.3 was Apple's first try in solving this issue.

Money will be stored in an Apple Pay Cash account. "The focus on music is smart and Apple can leverage Apple Music to compete with Google and Amazon", he said. This is especially true for those who still have 16GB or 32GB devices. An increase in cell phone use behind the wheel has continued despite texting and driving being banned in 46 states. The first will read: "I'm driving with Do Not Disturb turned on".

IKEA International A/S and Lego A/S are already working on augmented-reality apps using ARKit that could allow people to visualize furniture in their home or a virtual image of Lego Batman, Mr. Federighi said. "When you are driving you don't need to be responding to these kind of messages", he said as the mammoth screen at the San Jose Convention Center showed alerts for Tinder and games coming onto a phone. "We think this is going to be a real important step in safety in the auto". But for Apple to achieve its goals, the HomePod just needs to keep the waters rough enough to make its competitors seasick.

iOS 11 unfortunately doesn't change that and it's starting to look like this is a feature we'll never see.

All the while, Apple has been quietly hiring and acquiring AR and VR talent, with reports indicating that the company now has several hundred employees working on these technologies.

Kotaku spoke about this issue with 5 Games founder Brandon Pollet, developer of Incrediblox and Pocket Heroes, who told them "most" of his games would be removed from the Apple Store when the plug is pulled. A new customizable Dock on the display lets you pin your favorite apps and documents to the screen for rapid task switching. AR adds a virtual layer of information and characters on the real world scenes that you can interact with.

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