November 19 2017

NBA Finals Game 2 produces five percent jump in ratings from 2016

November 19 2017, 12:59 | Rex Rios

As head coach of the Cavaliers, Brown led Cleveland to the 2007 NBA Finals.

In Game 3 previous year, the Cavaliers rebounded in front of an emotional home crowd - "we got back to playing our game", LeBron said, after two games of everyone telling him and his team they were bad - and all of a sudden, Steve Kerr was saying his team played soft ("They just punched us right in the mouth") and Curry was already getting exhausted by questions speculating that he was hurt.

Once again, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry had themselves a night. "But it's definitely great to see him over there and have him talking in the timeouts and out there leading us". I'm still getting there and another level to get to and I think have seen that. He's just 1 of 6 from the field, and for some unusual reason, one of the game's most confident shooters has been hesitant to let his jumper fly.

Somehow, the Cavaliers have to change all that. After two games in the NBA Finals, he's got no answers for how to stop the Warriors from raining on his repeat parade. The opponent and the situation are the same, yet things feel different. They never looked back after that. Kerr's presence certainly motivated his team because they won with a score of 132-113. Apparently, James - who confirmed he had a reason for this behavior but declined to share it - did not like having to wait, if ready, to do his postgame media while Golden State players were on the podium. "Being down 0-2, going back home, we have to take care of business".

"I remember the first few practices, me and Mike, we were new guys and we were looking at each other like: 'This is how it goes down here?'" Durant said. "We need to take that mentality to Cleveland".

The Cavaliers don't have that luxury. James had little help as Love got there late. "So the way we avoid it is come in locked in from the jump, don't turn the ball over, try and get a shot down the floor every time, and stick to the game plan we have been doing on defense the last two games, and I think we'll be in a good position to win the game". They forced us to turn the ball over more, which we can't do.

"They're still going to make tough shots, they're still going to have some special plays and make runs and be a competitive team because they're a great team", Curry said. After two devastating losses to the Warriors, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that LeBron's feeling good, and not pressured whatsoever! That is what LeBron James said heading into the Series.

"Teams have great nights in this league, and it's the National Basketball Association, so that can happen a lot", Durant said. Let it go. Beyond the sensitivity of leaving the Thunder, Durant's reasoning to let go of Oklahoma City meant repositioning himself on a roster of closer partnerships, of competing once again in the NBA Finals against LeBron James.

"He missed some chippies - ones he's so accustomed to making".They got no production off their bench, and it was all down to LeBron, with Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love also struggling throughout the match.But recall this: the Cavaliers fell 0-2 in last year's NBA Finals matchup against the Warriors, as well.

They embraced the chase a year ago but said Tuesday that they're not thinking at all about 16-0.

"(We were) much more physical today than we were in Game One. "So to give ourselves a chance at even coming close to thinking about that. We're going home, the crowd will be behind our back and we have to go out there and play".

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