November 19 2017

IOS 11 vs iOS 10: What's New in iOS 11

November 19 2017, 01:00 | Geraldine Moore

What do you think of losing support? The update, including the new customizable Dock, has been touted by Apple as the "biggest release ever" for iPad.

Nothing kills your video-watching vibes quicker than adjusting the volume and having the bar block the middle of the screen.

Apple isn't just a company, it is a community.

The Camera app has been enhanced, with a simple long exposure setting added, and videos and photos will be stored in new formats (HVEC and HEIF) which will save on space, but (Apple say) still be compatible for sharing with other devices. Below, we take a closer look at our favorite new features.

- App Store customer reviews can be an integral part of the app experience, so you should treat customers with respect when responding to their comments. It does record from the microphone by doing an extra step so there will still be some sound but not as clear.

Phone distraction is a major cause of accidents when driving. Another way the apps could work on iOS 11 could be with the status bar being blackened out.

There are so many occasions that call for one-handed texting: when you're on the bus, when you're holding a coffee, when you're eating something... and let's face it, anyone who can type one-handed on an iPhone Plus is pretty much a hero.

It can even automatically send a reply to anyone who contacts you so that people are aware you are driving and will hopefully refrain from attempting to contact you until you have arrived. The phone's functions will also be limited if the feature is active. At the time, developers were allowed to continue using any custom review prompts they had previously implemented, with the warning that such permission would eventually be revoked.

Phones are getting larger and typing with one hand is becoming harder. It will however be not made available for the iPhone 5 and 5C as they are considered to be not powerful enough to use all the features provided in the OS.

Siri has always been better at intelligent answers than you, accept it! Moreover, Split View is now only available on iPads, so we will have to wait to see whether the feature makes it to the smaller screens. The new operating system for Apple's in-house devices comes with a redesigned App Drawer, as well as message syncing across devices and Apple Pay, a new way to pay your friends or collaborators directly via message.

AppleA still from iOS 11's official preview page.

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