November 19 2017

DUP to support minority Tory government after 'confidence and supply' deal reached

November 19 2017, 12:56 | Frederick Owens

UK General Election 2017 An exit poll has predicted Theresa May's party will not get a majority

UK Election 2017 A Hung Parliament In Britain? What Happens

She is expected to announce ministerial appointments later on Friday. She [Mrs May] has zero credibility if this exit poll is correct.

But that's where the potential good news ends.

With Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Brexit Secretary David Davis, and Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon all retaining their posts, there was speculation any reshuffle could be limited to replacing the eight ministers who lost their seats in the election.

"This is a serious moment for the United Kingdom economy", said Carolyn Fairbairn, the head of Britain's biggest business lobby, the CBI.

A senior Conservative lawmaker was in Belfast on Saturday for talks with the DUP, a spokeswoman for May's office said.

He said: "I worked very well with Theresa May and I think she has intelligence and integrity".

May called the snap election saying that she needed a strong majority to put her in a powerful position over negotiating Britain's departure from the European Union, a process that is due to begin on 19 June.

"The renewable and clean tech industry has been waiting for almost a year for the release of the Clean Growth Plan and it's now critical for us that we have a clear commitment and direction, no matter what shade of Government".

Deputy Leader of the Northern Irish Green Party Clare Bailey echoed those concerns, telling BuzzFeed News: "The resolution of legacy issues should not be compromised by any arrangement between the DUP and Conservatives". I have said that was a problem.

She said any changes to her personal team would be for another day after colleagues criticised the way May ran the campaign. And they also harnessed social media.

"She might still be Prime Minister, but May has to pass a Queen's speech in a week's time - this will be hugely hard, as there are many aspects of the Conservative manifesto that not every MP supported".

In its 2017 manifesto, the DUP called for the "triple lock" on pensions to be retained, for VAT to be cut for tourism businesses, and for the personal tax allowance to be increased.

Ministers were also concerned by Mrs May's own performance.

- The monarch would then be likely to invite Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour party, to try to form a government.

Another protester Hannah added: 'The whole coalition she's suggesting is absolutely terrifying when you're not white, straight and not anything she is.

"What's happened is people have said they've had quite enough of austerity politics. and not giving our young people a chance they deserve in our society".

A number of high-profile government figures have already confirmed they are keeping their jobs in the wake of an election that saw the Tories lose 13 seats.

However some of Mrs May's most loyal ministers were lining up to support her last night.

She said May she will form a government that will provide certainty and work to keep Britain safe and secure.

"Theresa May continues to be the right person to lead that".

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