March 18 2018

E3 2017: First Gameplay Demo For New 'Spider-Man' Game

March 18 2018, 05:23 | Geraldine Moore

Don't want to miss any of the E3 2017 action? And you know, as Stan said, what Marvel does is put the human in the Superhuman, so like us, we learn from our experiences. That's 2 am BST on Tuesday, June 13 if you're in the UK.

However, while the event itself runs from Tuesday - Thursday, many companies host their own press conferences before the show begins. Both Sony and Microsoft have now released two new versions of their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in the past year, presumably in an effort to continue driving sales even when new, generation-defining hardware isn't quite ready.

EA Play took place on Saturday 10 June at 12pm Pacific Time (8pm United Kingdom time).

It looks like Spider-Man's webs are going to play a more important role in this game than they ever have in games past. After battling for eight years to keep the city safe, Peter Parker is an experienced and confident hero who combines wall-crawling, dodges, aerial combat, parkour moves, self-made tech, and his world-famous webs - oh, and also his whip-smart wise cracks - in an acrobatic, intelligent and improvisational combat style.

In fact some games have already leaked, as just hours before tonight's E3 press conference, Sony has trademarked Shadow of the Colossus and several other titles. It happened on Sunday 11 June, 7pm Pacific Time (3am United Kingdom time, 12th June).

Unfortunately, the biggest talking points were what was missing from the press conference.

The PlayStation team will be acutely aware of progress made by Microsoft's Xbox division, which has a souped-up console set for launch late 2017. The Dragons are bent on killing off members of the Kingpin's criminal underbelly while the crime boss is otherwise indisposed, but not if Spider-Man has anything to say about it.

The vast majority of the news coming from E3 2017 will be new games.

The reason Spider-Man 2 is the gold standard of Spidey games came down to the sandbox feeling.

For fans hoping to see a release date sometime this year, the trailer unfortunately ends with a simple 2018 release window.

The 2018 title (which is now just called "Spider-Man") looks like a gorgeously engrossing superhero experience, combining elements from previous Spider-Man games into something that looks tight, polished and a whole lot of fun.

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