November 19 2017

Northam secures Democratic nomination for Virginia governor

November 19 2017, 06:45 | Rex Rios

A primary contest in Virginia offers clues to the future of the Democrats

'A candidate . . . for you'

Three Republicans are seeking their party's nomination.

Mr. Gillespie has consistently polled ahead of his rivals, and led the money chase - entering the homestretch of the campaign with $2.4 million cash on hand. He says they voted for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

"I'm so hopeful that this state of Virginia shows up and sends a big message for all Americans" against Trump, said Barbara Jones, 58, an independent undecided voter.

Ed Gillespie, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, is the Republican favorite.

But while the campaign has been fiercely fought, and the polls are tight, the dividing lines between the candidates have proven fuzzier than expected.

The other statewide race happening is for lieutenant governor. Both support a higher minimum wage, free community college, decriminalizing marijuana and expanded pre-K.

While Perriello may have embraced the party's progressive, populist mantle more than Northam, there are few gaps between the two when it comes to policy. She says that Perriello is "really someone who is going to make changes to make this economy work better for hardworking families".

Wagner has said proposed cuts are unrealistic and wants to increase the gas tax.

"Politicians have to be straightforward", Northam said. Both candidates have pledged fierce opposition to Trump and his policies. Perriello, a strong Barack Obama supporter whose 2010 defeat may have been at least partly due to supporting Obamacare, has said he was wrong in breaking with liberal orthodoxy to vote to limit abortion coverage in private health plans.

Climate Hawks Vote is excited to announce an endorsement of Tom Perriello to be the next governor of Virginia, running on a platform of clean air, clean water, and clean government. The dichotomy evoked comparisons to the 2016 Democratic presidential primary between the upstart Sanders and the establishment Hillary Clinton.

Northam beat former congressman Tom Perriello, with most polls reporting Tuesday.

Virginia is one of only two states electing new governors this year, and the contest could serve as a preview to 2018's midterm elections. Northam has taken a more cautious approach on the pipeline, calling for a rigorous review before they are built without outright rejecting the proposal.

Jennifer Carroll Foy and Josh King want to be the Democrat to face Republican Laquan Austion in November.

"Another wipeout, you can flip the switch: Virginia goes from purple to blue - it becomes New Jersey", said John Fredericks, a conservative radio host who is backing Mr. Gillespie and served as a delegate for Donald Trump a year ago at the Republican National Convention. "We need more economic opportunity". He's now running a similar blow-up-the-system campaign.

"I think when you spend time outside of those circles what you hear is the tectonics themselves are shifting in very scary ways", said Perriello.

Stewart could benefit from a low Republican turnout, according to the report. He's railed against Charlottesville's efforts to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee from a city park and has lashed out at Gillespie for not showing sufficient support for Confederate history.

On the Republican side, underdog Corey Stewart has made his devout support for Trump a dominant focus of his campaign. Frank Wagner, has struggled to gain traction, despite winning the endorsement of The Washington Post's editorial board.

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