March 18 2018

Why Apple Is Getting More Serious About The iPad

March 18 2018, 05:23 | Geraldine Moore

Why Apple Is Getting More Serious About The iPad

Why Apple Is Getting More Serious About The iPad

When your storage runs low, a new optional feature will automatically remove apps you don't use very often.

We saw a video of the new iPad Pro 10.5 in action earlier today and now we get to find out exactly what is inside Apple's new iPad Pro.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an alert telling you when iOS 11 is available for download. However, I know more Mac users than I do Windows users, and the form factor and functionality of the Surface Book is just good enough that I can't help but wish that Apple had a true competitor, and I think the iPad Pro has been a missed opportunity for that. Scrolling through a page feels less floaty, with a less noticeable blur in text as you race by and a more immediate clarity when you stop.

Users are also able to summon the dock at will, this takes away the closed off feeling of iOS when you are in an application.

With this function, it makes a lot easier to connect when you're in a restaurant, airport and other establishments offering free Wi-FI.

All New - iMac Pro: Giving us a sneak peak into whats to come in the future, Apple has quickly introduced the iMac Pro, their "most powerful Mac ever".

It remains unclear as to whether Apple will ever enable this feature in iOS 11 for iPhone. - The new iMac Pro will be priced at $4,999.00 and will be available in December. It's now theoretically possible to have two apps running side-by-side in Split View, a third in Slide Over mode hovering above the two, and a picture-in-picture video playing all at the same time. Keep in mind that the app will only let you access user stored documents and files. The app reminds you to take your scheduled pills with pop-up alerts.

The Photos app in iOS 11 features native support for animated GIFs.

A beta version of iOS 11 was released to developers during WWDC, but the public will have to wait a few weeks longer to try out this initial version of the software.

The bulk of the iPad's upgrade comes from the improvements of the screen. This means that the awkward share sheet is no longer needed to move items from one app to another. In Dawson's words, "You'll never see [Apple] use the argument that [the iPad Pro is] the end all and the be all".

QR codes are much more common in other parts of the world than in the United Kingdom, but still this feature can be pretty useful as they become more ubiquitous.

A 64-bit processor can handle four billion times as much data, compared to a 32-bit processor, making it quicker to use. In March, the company launched a new 9.7 inch iPad (5th generation) targeted squarely at casual users. What's great about it is that it lets you sort files from your other iOS devices, in iCloud Drive, Box, Google Drive and other services. So, the community was not surprised at all when many iOS 11 features seemed familiar to them. This latest iteration is proof that the platform is evolving differently on iPad and iPhone by taking full advantage of the extra screen real estate of the former and pushing its hardware to the limit.

This is what an iOS developer, Steven Troughton-Smith, recently found.

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