November 19 2017

Sheri's Ranch brothel offering knockout $100K package for Mayweather-McGregor fight weekend

November 19 2017, 12:57 | Sammy Rose

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At you'll find Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather tickets at a great price.

Someone uploaded a brief clip of the UFC superstar sparring with a boxing pro. and gets taken to school. The fight will take place inside a boxing ring and will be promoted by Mayweather's own firm.

The biggest question now is will McGregor be able to touch Mayweather in the upcoming boxing match. "His counter lefthand was pretty good", van Heerden told the Washington Journal. It is money, and the chance to make a lot of it without any risk of defeat, that persuaded Mayweather to come out of retirement. Anthony Joshua just knocked out Wladimir Klitschko and is one of the most exciting heavyweights in years. That might seal it for him.

McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion, agreed to the fight last month, but negotiations over Mayweather's terms had been considered more hard. "The recent news hasn't really caused much of an increase in action, but we've had a few McGregor bets today".

Butterbean does acknowledge as well that if the fight were to be approved, there is no chance that McGregor would get the win.

Kellerman's co-host on "First Take", Stephen A. Smith is glad the fight is happening. Yet, he has managed to persuade Mayweather to agree to the fight.

Mayweather (49-0, 26 knockouts) has beaten nine lefties in his career, including Manny Pacquiao, Zab Judah, Sharmba Mitchell and DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley.

But this is a boxing match, and Mayweather is a masterful boxer. McGregor opened at a 10 to 1 underdog and has already been bet up to 4 to 1.

McGregor is the biggest draw of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and the current lightweight champion - but his sport allows kicking and grappling.

"This is a fight that Floyd is taking very, very seriously, because we all do know all it takes in boxing is one shot and he don't have to be a clean shot", said Ellerbe. If he wins, he will be the only person to have defeated Floyd Mayweather in a professional fight, and that will most definitely cement his place as the greatest fighter of all time, or perhaps, one of them.

"They can win in MMA fights and also in boxing fights".

In monetary terms, this fight is expected to earn 500 million dollars in pay per view sales. McGregor fought in the UFC last time out against Eddie Alvarez where he became the first ever two weight world champion and the American having not fought since 2015 where he made easy work of Andre Berto over 12 rounds.

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