November 19 2017

Father's Day PSA: your kids are what you eat

November 19 2017, 06:44 | Clarence Walton

The ultimate legacy

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A meal out (22%), beer (29%) and chocolates (14%) feature in the most popular Father's Day gifts for 2017, along with socks (16%) and aftershave (16%).

With Father's Day coming up, many of us are looking forward to this day of celebration when we can express our love and gratitude for all that Dad has done for us over a lifetime. I am not sure if he got to see his favorite player, Jack Nicholas, win a tournament live, but I am sure he would have enjoyed it. Take Dad for a walk, a round of golf, a beach trip, a fishing outing or whatever else he's into. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. "Wish you a very happy Father's Day". A fair few times, a new dinner lady would wonder: 'who is that man at the gates?' as if my father was a lingering sex-offender and not a parent. Teachers would call my mum when I was sick and I would remind them, again, to call my Dad.

Studies even show that children with good dad interactions tend to be smarter than those without! He would always ask why there had to be one day to say how much you love and care about someone when you have 364 other days that you should also say it.

Fifteen-year-olds Amanda and Brianna and thirteen-year-old Conner said their dad is special because "he is talented in many ways and helps us improve in sports and school".

One of the biggest things that Dad taught me was how to laugh and have a sense of humor. Like mothers, fathers have their share is raising their kids. So yes, Father's Day is perhaps a time to "receive" a little appreciation for the part we've played or are playing in our children's lives, but let's not waste it. Let's use the gift of Father's Day to actually be better fathers, and spend some time with our children while we can. With 10 speeds, a tilt-head design and more than a dozen optional hub-powered and bowl attachments, this one-of-a-kind stand mixer is sure to take his culinary prowess to a whole new level.

Alison Steele and her father, Steve Steele, show off their medals after finishing a race. That doesn't mean that dads are stone-cold, however; they love their families with great hearts of gold! It seems that local dads are pretty straight-forward to buy for, with aftershave, socks, food and drink topping the most popular gifts list. "I'll be thinking about it throughout the summer, things that I'll think he'll like to do with his hobbies", Steele said. Get him a hukkah just for the two of you and have some chill father daughter/son moments whilst throwing caution (or in this case, smoke) to the wind.

If your dad is still with you, make a fuss over him. "In my home, my dad will barbecue". My dad loved to work with wood (he was a carpenter by trade), and loved nothing more than sitting by the wood stove getting warm from a fire made with apple wood.

Want to go a little fancier for Father's Day? I remember as a kid going to watch high school sporting events. (What they are nearly certainly NOT looking for is a paisley "Hello Kitty" tie.) Of course, only you can predict what the man in your life really wants, since you know him best.

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