November 19 2017

President Trump Changes Some Cuba Policies

November 19 2017, 12:54 | Van Peters

Trump Planning to Stop Cash Flow to Cuban Military

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Media captionWhat is Trump changing with Cuba?

"I am cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba", Trump proclaimed.

Under the new restrictions, Americans travelling to Cuba can not stay in hotels connected to the Cuban military.

But he is not reversing key diplomatic and commercial ties, and will not close the United States embassy in Havana.

Ben Rhodes, the former deputy national security adviser who negotiated Obama's opening with the Cubans, said it was disappointing Trump was halting the momentum that had built but added that it could have been worse.

Trump criticized the Obama administration's attempts to thaw relations with Cuba, saying the deal was "terrible and misguided" and that it only enriched the communist Castro regime. However, many claim there is nearly no enforcement of the tourism ban.

Only the U.S. Congress can lift the embargo, and lawmakers, especially those of Cuban heritage like Rubio and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, have shown no interest in doing so.

Persons subject to US jurisdiction will still be able to engage in authorized travel to Cuba by cruise ship or passenger vessel.

The U.S. Embassy in Havana will remain open, but Americans should expect a reduction in the number of categories in which they do not need a U.S. government license to go to Cuba.

Surely a coincidence. The regulations would restrict tourists traveling outside of groups, person to person deals, and travel arranged through the state-owned GAESA agency.

He signed a new USA policy towards Cuba at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami, Fla., a policy which enforces the US economic embargo and tourism ban on Cuba until the Cuban government makes certain changes such as releasing its political prisoners and allowing for regular democratic elections.

Trump will justify his partial reversal of Obama's measures to a large extent on human rights grounds. "U.S. airlines connect the world like no other industry can and we remain committed to advocating for policies that enable carriers to facilitate travel and trade, and increase access to more markets and destinations globally".

Though Trump's policy bars U.S. travelers from staying in Cuban military-linked hotels, U.S. Sen.

Earlier in the day, Vice-President Mike Pence visited Little Havana in Miami to play dominos with Cuban-Americans. His announcement Friday from Miami strengthened the policing of Cuban travel.

"The embargo should continue".

"I am 100% Republican". "As I say, there may be some small steps, some small negative steps, but I think reality will win out". They should impose more sanctions against Cuba. "That will not happen", Trump said. Absolutely not. And the Cuban government should do more.

He said the regime, founded by Fidel Castro and now run by brother Raul, has spread "violence and instability" throughout the region.

1962: Castro agrees to allow the Soviet Union to deploy nuclear missiles on the island bringing the United States and the USSR to the brink of nuclear war.

Though many expected Trump to cut back on a majority of Obama's Cuba policies, this is really targeted at the military-run government and its Armed Forces Business Enterprise Group.

Cuba's new ambassador to the US, Jose Ramon Cabanas, who re-opened the embassy in Washington past year, tweeted a picture of American tourists ambling through a street market with the ironic message: "Now it is official: these are the new enemies of US Foreign Policy".

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