November 19 2017

Steph Curry says he doesn't want to go to the White House

November 19 2017, 01:04 | Sammy Rose

Steph Curry says he doesn't want to go to the White House

2017 NBA Finals- Game One

National Basketball Association star Steph Curry has officially said he has reservations about attending a White House ceremony celebrating the 2017 champion Golden State Warriors, if the team is invited.

"Frankly, I think it's why Trump couldn't be more ill-suited to be president, because he's a blowhard", Kerr said in an interview.

"It's hard to compare to what that feeling was the first time, but it's pretty close", Curry said. Two-years-ago, the team met Barack Obama, but they may skip a visit to meet Donald Trump.

The other L.A. -based team would be the Clippers. As the Warriors were quick to point out on Tuesday in a team statement, no invitation had been extended and no formal decision had been made on their end.

That is because the Warriors boast an intimidating starting lineup featuring four All-Stars in their 20s who are likely to be with the team for years to come. "And we just kept going over and over".

"Y'all might write about it".

Earlier this week reports came out that the team had voted unanimously not to visit the White House, but that turned out to be false as the President hadn't even extended an invite at that point.

But controversial policies and outlandish statements by President Donald Trump have upset many United States professional athletes, including players from the predominantly African American NBA.

Curry had Durant to complement his game this time, to take some pressure off.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers to regain the NBA Championship with a 4-1 series win.

The Warriors enjoying their championship win, June 12. When Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank said in February that having Trump in the White House was a "real asset" to the country, Curry told the Mercury News that he agreed "if you remove the "et" from asset". "And when Steph turned that corner, I think it was after Christmas Day, when he turned that corner, we became nearly unbeatable". "That doesn't mean I wouldn't want another championship", he added. There might be somebody different in (office). "All I know is I would personally do the right thing for me". Iguodala said he believes Trump's election has worsened the racial divide in America. They recovered, and finished the regular season with the league's highest net rating (plus-8.5) yet ultimately fell to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. As Iguodala discussed, there's a strong sense in the African-American community that racists have been emboldened by the current climate.

"Of course, over time, we'll continue to look at the CBA", he said.

"I played against some really, really good teams that were assembled perfectly, and they're right up there".

"It's just a great group of guys, great community, great arena, great fans", Durant said after the Warriors clinched the title. "The beauty of what I know of this team, we all want to provide for our families, we want to get all that we can out of this game while we still have the legs to do it, but there are no egos when it comes to that side of the equation when it comes to us as professional athletes". "And I think that's done on goal".

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