November 19 2017

Theresa May Wants Answers About The London Apartment Tower Fire

November 19 2017, 12:55 | Van Peters

The protesters barged their way through an automatic door at Kensington and Chelsea council town hall and sought to gain entry to an upper floor.

The protesters chanted "We want justice" and "bring them out".

"Everybody has been rehomed except people choosing to stay here - one large family are all together in one place and are comfortable here".

Mrs May said councils have been told to complete urgent safety checks on all high rise buildings further action "will be taken" if needed. Several dozen police, including mounted officers, were in attendance.

The Government will do "whatever is required" in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, the Communities Secretary has promised.

Chris Imafidon, whose home overlooks Grenfell Tower, addressed the crowd and held up a poster of a missing child and a piece of scorched cladding.

Fire risk assessment in tower blocks was "less rigorous" since responsibility for it shifted from the fire brigade to the owner, Sian Berry, Housing Committee Chairwoman of the London Assembly, said.

Facing criticism for not meeting victims of the fire much sooner, British Prime Minister Theresa May visited the injured at a central London hospital on Friday.

In addition, London Mayor Sadiq Khan called for an interim report on the fire to be published this summer.

Residents' voices must be heard in the public inquiry and funds will be made available for their legal representation.

The death toll had previously stood at 30 and officials Saturday added that it will likely take weeks for all the bodies to be recovered and some may never be identified.

Why are they protesting?

In a statement to mark the official celebration of her 91st birthday, she said: "It is hard to escape a very soreer national mood" after a "succession of terrific tragedies".

"I think she has done everything that could have been asked. listening to residents' concerns and, above all, acting on those concerns as quickly as possible".

"That's one of the most awful things I have ever seen", Prince William said of the fire which left the tower block a blackened shell.

"Give us answers. Apologise".

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William visited an aid distribution site and were meeting with volunteers.

"What I'm now absolutely focused on is ensuring that we get that support on the ground", May said in a BBC Newsnight interview.

As London Fire and Rescue Service continued their search of the building, looking for victims, the outpouring of grief mixed with anger grew. She visited the former apartment building on Thursday and failed to even speak to survivors.

He reiterated there is a police investigation underway and that it will look at how the fire spread.

Police commander Stuart Cundy said all fires inside the building were out, and that inspectors where working in the location where the deadly blaze is believed to have started. "Sadly at this time there are 58 people who we were told were in Grenfell Tower on the night, who were missing, who I have to assume are dead". "Sadly we do not expect there to be any survivors".

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