November 19 2017

Warriors fans celebrate, with expectations of more to come

November 19 2017, 06:54 | Sammy Rose

Warriors join Bulls, Lakers, Celtics on list of NBA's greats

Warriors Must Show 'appropriate Fear' in Game 5, Prove They Can Take a Punch

Golden State Warriors fans are using the word dynasty to describe this year's championship team.

According to a statement issued earlier this week by the Warriors, the organization had yet to receive a formal invitation from the current presidential administration.

Regardless of how badly the Warriors wanted to redeem themselves, this Finals was most important for all-star Durant.

But controversial policies and outlandish statements by President Donald Trump have upset many USA professional athletes, including players from the predominantly African American NBA.

King James as he fondly called by Basketball lovers has already won four NBA titles this year, finished the game with 35 points to set a new record of 5.995 points in just 212 NBA playoff games.

Throughout history, athletes have made statements during times of political and social controversy. Sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised gloved black fists during the national anthem during the 1968 Olympics.

The trek through town ended on the shores of Lake Merritt where front office personnel, coach Steve Kerr and each player addressed the crowd during an 80-minute rally.

On Wednesday, Curry said that "as a team", the Warriors will "have a conversation" about a possible White House visit. "I'm ready to do it again". "You can get lost in the daily routines and the hype of what we do on the floor and forget why we're here". I like Kevin Durant though! When people tell me I'm great, I remind myself that I can always be better. "I like those messages; those are nice".

"The Bible says the Lord exalts humility and that's one thing I try to be all the time".

These were the Warriors' finals to lose as they have been the league's favorite all year to win the championship.

At the start, Curry took a backseat to let KD get comfortable. That includes Thursday's parade. We all expected their star players: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to be the stars they are and deliver, but it was the consistency of their bench players that outplayed the bench players of the Cavaliers. "Nothing should distract from what we were able to accomplish together, the different kind of ceremonies and the traditions that have happened around championship-winning teams". "I think we handle [the White House situation] when it gets there".

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