December 15 2017

Apple iOS 11 will automatically lock down your phone while you're driving

December 15 2017, 12:32 | Jodi Jackson

iOS 11 is here: Top 6 new features you need to know from WWDC

Apple unveils 'HomePod' speaker, first new product in years

With iOS 11, the $99 accessory can perform all kinds of new tasks, including taking notes, instant markup, scan and sign, and much more.

But Apple kept a couple of details on the down low - one of which is a new "dark mode" in iOS 11.

It's the age of multi-tasking and Apple wants you to ace at everything you do. iOS 11 lets you open two apps and view them as Split View.

But what if you're a passenger in a vehicle and your phone goes to Do Not Disturb mode, even though you're not driving?

The iPhone's sensors will be triggered as long as someone is in the auto, as that is the parameter they would be searching for.

What's new in iOS 11 and how it compares to iOS 10. Basically, Apple has now made screen capturing on iOS effortlessly easy for users by integrating the functionality in the operating system itself.

This autumn will see the release of Apple's iOS 11 mobile operating system, but it will not be available on the iPhone 5 and 5C or the iPad 4. The only requirement is that the iOS devices involved in Wi-Fi password sharing run iOS 11.

On the hardware front, the company announced a new iPad Pro, a new iMac Pro and a completely new device called the HomePod, a smart speaker to rival the likes of Amazon's Echo and the Google Home.

Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) for the developer community, where it announced the next major updates for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

iOS 11 will also have a Do Not Disturb feature for when you are driving to allow to to remain more focused on the road. The public beta version will be available at the end of June and the final release is expected in September.

It's 2017 and Apple's iPad still doesn't support multiple user accounts. The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro starts at $38.74 a month for 24 months; 0% April, on Verizon device payment ($829.99 with a 2-yr contract, $929.99 full retail). First, go into Settings, then General, Accessibility, Display Accommodations, and Inverted Colors.

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