March 18 2018

Reasons Not to Pre-Order Xbox One X & 3 Reasons You Should

March 18 2018, 05:14 | Geraldine Moore



While the Wildcard are less interested in the application of 4K, they are keen to make some changes to the console version of ARK Survival Evolved. Microsoft's latest release has taken things one step forward. While many were prepared to see a higher price point compared to earlier Xbox products, the $499 tag still came as a shocker to some since Microsoft had introduced the Xbox One S just previous year at E3 2016, and it was sold starting at $249. He further added that Xbox One X is for a very specific audience who wants the most powerful console and a premium experience.

Interestingly, Microsoft executives skipped over the topic of virtual reality when they showed off the Xbox One X at E3 earlier this week. United Kingdom customers will pay $499.

The recent unveiling of the Xbox One X, previously known as Project Scorpio in its development stage, should have Sony worrying by now. "People know we have Gears andHalo in our portfolio, and we're working on other things that aren't on this list". If you're using PC, it would cost around $1,500.

"Even with the GPU manufacturer add-ons there's still an abstraction layer there that pays a tax on performance".

Pricing is always a huge topic whenever a new game console debuts. Moreover, Sony recently released PlayStation Now-its subscription-based game streaming service-on the PC and Microsoft, on the other hand, has created the Xbox Play Anywhere program. This is often been the criticism that's been making its way around the block when talking about the Xbox One X. And it's a criticism, again, Spencer is fully aware of.

We were expecting the company to announce a sudden price cut to cause a damage to its rival Microsoft, but the company didn't do so at E3 this year.

Speaking about that lack specific first partu games Mr Spencer said: " I saw it as a strength that we were able to have a strong games show and not have to rely on Gears and Halo to be part of that. "I think we're going to get in a state where your content is staying with you longer and having the generations be smoother for developers and consumers", he said.

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