March 18 2018

IOS 11 Developer Beta 1 Helps Manage Storage

March 18 2018, 05:17 | Geraldine Moore

IOS 11 Developer Beta 1 Helps Manage Storage

IOS 11 Developer Beta 1 Helps Manage Storage

The new iOS 11 update will be sent to iPhone 5s and above, sixth-gen iPod touch and recent iPad models as well.

Mind you, this isn't the only lossless file format to operate using Apple's services. The official tagline for iOS 11 reads: "A giant step for iPhone". Developers of those apps should take note of the situation and update their apps if they want to keep them in a working situation. When you tap a particular app inside the iPhone storage page, you can click Offload App, which will also make that app appear greyed-out on your home screen, and allow you to reinstall it at any time.

In its latest update of iOS 11, Apple has brought some extraordinary changes and improvements.

What makes this update so unusual is that it is the first time that Apple will be cutting off support for many of their devices mid-cycle before a major version change.

Apple made the iPad a huge focus in iOS 11, adding all kinds of nifty new iPad-only features that enhance productivity.

The iOS 11 update is coming in the fall and there is an iOS 11 beta available today that you can install on a spare device to try out the new iOS 11 features early.

For logging into any third-party app, you don't need to manually enter your details, the iOS is smart enough to log you into the apps using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

You can also get to the option by going to Settings, and tapping on iTunes & App Stores.

Siri will get a "more human voice" in iOS 11, and Maps will have new cities, better navigation, speed limits, and lane guidance.

The new Files app, which is also available on iPhone, is very similar to the All My Files feature found in macOS.

This isn't a surprise; developers have had almost two years to update their apps to comply with the newest standards. Once that's done, you'll be able to easily set up a Wi-Fi network on a device joining it without actually having to type in the password.

The tool can even secure a spot in the new customizable Control Center.

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