March 21 2018

Pelosi tries to reassure Dems after Georgia loss

March 21 2018, 10:20 | Rex Rios

Democrats had to do this because the list of positive reasons to support Ossoff was prohibitively short.

In Georgia, Republican nominee Karen Handel beat back a challenge from Democratic hopeful Jon Ossoff, 52%-48%, in a suburban district north of Atlanta that was supposed to be ripe for an upset, because it was the kind of college educated, largely upper-income turf where Hillary Clinton had performed well against Trump.

Many people believe Pelosi is a great legislative strategist. "CLF never deviated from the goal of defining Ossoff as a dishonest liberal".

As rumblings of dissatisfaction with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi grow among Democrats, Rep. Seth Moulton said her future "certainly" needed to be a topic of discussion.

However, Pelosi said she welcomes the questioning of her leadership - while also suggesting that her critics are just seeking media attention. "We are the party that stands up for working families and the middle class, yet many of them are not voting for us".

"Today is another day".

You've got to be kidding me. They're not. They're not talking about Putin, Russia, Flynn. "We can't just run against Trump". Rather wants to see Democrats to both tie Republicans to Trump and talk about "big ideas to set the debate and rally people to your cause". "And we better focus", Ryan said. All the Democrats are offering is a hatred of Trump, an obstruction of his agenda and a constant obsession with the "Russia investigation". "If you stay mad, you stay angry, you're unproductive". So if you're using Donald Trump for the basis of your campaign, I don't know if it's working. "It's time for some change". "The Democratic Party needs new leadership now", he tweeted.

(2) Seth Moulton, a congressman from MA and former Iraq war veteran, who tweeted that the loss should be a "wake up call" for Democrats. He argued that when strategy doesn't work, there have to be repercussions at the top.

"She personally told me she was rock solid" with the president, said Webb, 70. "That's the most important part".

The approach and the one that Stacy Abrams, should she be the Democratic gubernatorial standard bearer, seems likely to embrace emphasizes mobilizing heretofore disengaged potential Democrats, a disproportionately minority group.

Rice said she hoped that Pelosi would ultimately decide on her own to announce she won't run for re-election following the 2018 midterms to remove that issue and demonstrate there are other Democrats running for the post. "Pelosi is the human embodiment of that".

Handel won about 52 percent of the vote to quell the upstart phenomenon of Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old Democrat who raised more than $23 million and became a symbol of opposition to Trump.

Democrats failed to pick up House seats in Montana, Kansas, South Carolina and Georgia, leaving some frustrated with the party's direction and leadership.

In the Cook Political Report, House elections expert David Wasserman has examined the Democrats' performances in the Georgia race and other House contests and sees some very encouraging signs.

"Generally speaking, Republicans vote in bigger numbers than Democrats". "This is about being able to take the Democratic party in a direction that is actually going to help us win seats and get back into the majority".

"Look, they demonized Nancy in 2010, they demonized her in 2006".

Congressman Bill Pascrell of New Jersey says, "A loss is a loss is a loss, and there's no excuses". Later Wednesday, Moulton announced his support for eight veterans challenging Republicans in House races. Of the Republican-held districts where 40 percent or more of the voters are college graduates, only 14 were carried by Hillary Clinton previous year.

This is often the pattern in special elections, wherein you can cast a protest vote without affecting the balance of partisan power much.

"Every effort was made to win last night. The Republicans can't play this level of defense on all of them".

Allies of Pelosi have circled around the California Democrat, cognizant of the threat she faces.

"It works only 100 percent of the time", said Todd, the GOP ad-maker. "It's like the gift that keeps on giving", Rice said.

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