March 22 2018

Republican Senator Vital to Health Bill's Passage Won't Support It

March 22 2018, 03:56 | Rex Rios

"You know, health care is a very hard situation ..."

Mr. Sandoval accepted federal funding in the health law to expand Medicaid in the state and praised the impact on Nevada, especially the 210,000 residents who obtained Medicaid coverage.

Menendez held a news conference at Newark Community Health Centers where 53 percent of patients are on Medicaid.

AARP is already on record against the Senate bill, citing what it calls an "age tax" as well as cuts to Medicaid. The Times also reports that Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is on the fence, despite specific provisions in the bill meant to benefit her state. Voting yes on the Senate health care bill would be a vote directly against me, my family and all Pennsylvanians. -Canada border is monitored by US border officials. Congress goes on recess on July 4. And who knows what goodies for Big Pharma and other special interests may be hidden in the 142 pages.

Sen. Jeff Flake's home state of Arizona could lose at least $7.1 billion through 2026 under the Senate proposal to roll back former President Barack Obama's health care law.

The Senate bill calls for phasing out the enhanced federal support for the expansion by 2024.

But the Senate bill preserves a more popular piece of Obamacare: the requirement that insurance companies cover everyone, even those with pre-existing medical conditions. "That's what I want, make sure that we're taken care of here in the state of Nevada", said Heller. But the subsidy would be smaller and fewer people would be eligible. He indicated the Senate plan met that request.

Barrasso also disagreed with the argument by Durbin and other Democrats that the GOP is trying to dismantle Medicaid to use the money for tax breaks. The language of the bill will likely change before that vote and it is not clear if the legislation will garner sufficient support among Senate Republicans to pass.

Democrats are united in opposition to the proposal, which was worked out in secret by a group led Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In an interview with Fox News Channel, Trump was asked about the four conservatives opposing the bill.

The Congressional Budget Office has yet to release estimates on the Senate health care bill. "We've got to do something". But it has improved health care for many Americans. Heller said he thought the bill would harm the elderly, the disabled and people battling substance abuse, adding that he is "not confident" it will lower costs for consumers. "They're not going to go down after the Republican bill".

"That's why 23 million Americans will be out of insurance", he continued.

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