March 22 2018

Palestine sees red over PM Narendra Modi's historic visit to Israel

March 22 2018, 04:04 | Irvin Gilbert

Palestine sees red over PM Narendra Modi's historic visit to Israel

Why Israel's courting India's Prime Minister Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesay hoped that peace, dialogue and restraint would bring about stability in West Asia that has been marred by years of conflict. Pushkarna owns a chain called "Tandoori" in Israel that serves Indian delicacies.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is now on a three-day visit to Israel, has been working on building India's military and technology power to a whole new level as he aims to move his entire country into the digital age. And now, Pushkarna too has confirmed the same.

Modi described India-Israel relations as "I for I" and "I with I". I am very proud of my heritage.

"Almost 30 years ago, I went on a date in Tel Aviv in an Indian restaurant, and produced two fine children", he said.

"Around 150 kilometers from here, there is a slice of history in the city of Haifa in Israel that is very dear to my country", Modi said while in Jerusalem.

Recalling the whole incident Moshe's nanny, Sandra Samuels says, before Moshe's second birthday the terrorists stormed the Chabad House in Mumbai. "Indeed, a #GrowingPartnership!", Israel's official twitter handle said in a tweet.

"If India can cement ties with Israel while at the same time maintaining diplomatic ties with its enemy Iran, why can't Pakistan also show flexibility in its foreign policy", Gen argued. He also stopped by the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial, and met Moshe Holtzberg, whose parents were killed in Mumbai in 2008 during a massacre carried out by Islamist militants. He added, "PM Modi and I have made a decision to take our partnership to new heights".

During the Cold War, India was a leading member of the Non-Aligned Movement of developing countries and sided staunchly with the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel.

Netanyahu also joined PM Modi on-stage and had greeted the 6,000-strong audience with a "Namaste". ".we are doing a lot in order to fulfill your ideas about "Make in India", the Israeli President said.

"We got a list of food ingredients necessary to cook Indian food for the Prime Minister".

"Come and stay in India and Mumbai".

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