March 21 2018

Reliance JioPhone all you need to know

March 21 2018, 10:21 | Irvin Gilbert

RIL results are expected to be out Thursday

RIL results are expected to be out Thursday

Update: Mukesh Ambani is on stage. Let us take a look at the top things announced at Jio's AGM. He added that "I want to openly express gratitude all Jio employees and congratulate their input to our company, and our nation".

Reliance Jio feature phone launch date: Reliance Industries Chairman Mukeah Ambani today introduced, "India ka Smartphone- JioPhone" at the 40th Annual General Meeting of the RIL at the Birla Matushri Sabhagar in Mumbai - pre booking to start on August 24. "This digital disempowerment and unfairness must end. Join us at the Reliance AGM 2017".

"Over the past four years, we made significant investments in new plants, thus creating organic growth platforms for our energy and materials businesses". Jio 4G which made its commercial debut in September previous year, is now paid for all meaning it isn't exactly free the way it was in the initial test-run days. The company's profit has grown 10,000 times to Rs 30,000 crore. Worldwide, the company is providing employment to over 2,50,000 people in all its businesses. With more than 125 million subscribers in its pocket, Jio has set its sights on wooing the next 100 million with its latest offering. "Faster than even Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype", Ambani added. "Now, Jio will democratise the digital culture in India", he asserted. In India, the data consumption went from 20 crore GB per month to 120 crore GB per month. With this, India has overtaken USA and China in mobile data usage, earlier India was positioned at 155 in mobile broadband penetration. While RIL subsidiary Reliance Jio Infocomm continues to rattle the incumbent mobile service providers, today's announcements shook up shares of cable TV distributors and direct-to-home TV service providers as well. Ambani announced 10,000 more Jio offices, and the company plans to integrate with most e-commerce platforms as well. Esha Ambani, Mukesh Ambani's daughter announced at the launch that the phone is made in India by the young Indian.

JioPhone comes with Internet connectivity, follows voice commands and recognises 22 languages. Voice summons can be utilized to get the phone to put calls, send messages, play music in applications, react to questions, and so forth. "And that is what the Jio phone enables".

The JioPhone is a feature phone that has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, physical alphanumeric keyboard with four-way navigation button, a loudspeaker, headphone jack, and an SD card slot.

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