March 21 2018

Microsoft moving fast: Eye Control for Windows 10 already out for testings

March 21 2018, 10:18 | Geraldine Moore

Microsoft moving fast: Eye Control for Windows 10 already out for testings

Microsoft moving fast: Eye Control for Windows 10 already out for testings

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs with the recently announced Eye Control feature, as well as improvements to Edge, Console, input, and Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG).

Eye tracking software is in use on some gaming computers but Microsoft will certainly make it mainstream by adding it to every new Windows 10 computer.

Another change coming with the Fall Creators Update is an overhaul of the default colors that appear in the Windows Console.

Three years later, and after working closely with ALS groups the team is ready to bring eye-tracking technology to Windows 10. At the moment the only such compatible device is a hardware manufactured by Tobii. This is a top priority we are focused on at Microsoft - to deliver streamlined platforms, readily available to all classrooms, so teachers spend less time focused on technology and more time doing what they love: "inspiring students".

Make sure your Tobii eye tracker is connected to your PC and turn on Eye Control by going to Settings Ease of Access Other Options Eye control. It comes with the same word prediction functionality as most virtual keyboards. Called Eye Control, the feature will help people with certain neuro-muscular disorders navigate the operating system using their eyes.

Addressing potential privacy concerns, the Eye Control settings pane assures users that their data is safe. You can form words by looking at the first and last character of a word and just glancing at the letters in between.

If eye tracking is not of interest, a much needed customization option has been added. The device may require new calibration when moving to a location with different lighting conditions. That gadget, the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, will set you back $149 if you snag it from Amazon, which isn't a massive hit to your wallet, but the real trick will be actually finding one online. The shape-writing function gets stuck on occasion and some interface elements can sometimes get in the way.

Windows Console: The new build of Windows 10 has also accompanied new color scheme for the Windows console. As for launching this on stable Windows version has not been decided yet. The build also fixes several other bugs from the previous build including the battery fly out issue of build 16251.

Microsoft is no longer accepting new Insiders to join its "skip ahead" ring that gives access to Redstone 4 preview builds a little earlier than usual.

Since we are now in August there are just a few weeks of final work for the Fall Creators Update which is expected to be finalized in September.

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