March 21 2018

Mystery Science and Google partner for solar eclipse

March 21 2018, 12:35 | Jodi Jackson

Mystery Science and Google partner for solar eclipse

Mystery Science and Google partner for solar eclipse

During a solar eclipse, the sun, moon and earth line up.

The best way to watch the eclipse is to use full eye protection like specially approved eclipse glasses or No. 13-rated or better welder's glass, Fraknoi said.

If, somehow, you miss the big eclipse, you've got seven years to prepare for the next one. "If you aren't wearing protective glasses, or looking through a solar filter, you could do serious damage to your eyes", explained Dr. Mark McClintock. Earlier this summer, posted a list of eclipse glasses manufacturers that they have certified as safe.

The library says they just want everyone to be safe as they watch the moon cross the sun's path.

The evening sky over this part of the world is buzzing with celestial activity, including the partial Lunar Eclipse on the evening of Aug.7.

You will need special glasses or other equipment to safely see the eclipse, even if you're not in the 70-mile path of totality that stretches from or to SC.

SC law enforcement said also to plan ahead.

"They (the public) can come and go - the height of the eclipse is at 1:09 p.m.", said Randi Strutton, the library's programming and outreach manager.

"The whole hemisphere of the earth can see the lunar eclipse, not so with a solar eclipse where you have to be so precisely in the right place", Dundee said. It's expected that here, the sun will be eclipsed by approximately 80 percent.

Google has teamed up with the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation, SSI, the National Science Foundation, and NASA to distribute 2 million solar-viewing glasses to almost 5,000 libraries throughout the country.

Total solar eclipses occur every year or two or three, often in the middle of nowhere like the South Pacific or Antarctic. B&H Photo is offering a 5-pack of Eclipse Viewing Glasses for $4.99, a savings of $3 from their regular price.

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