March 21 2018

Jamie Dimon condemns 'perpetrators of hate' as Trump business councils disband

March 21 2018, 12:47 | Clarence Walton

Jamie Dimon condemns 'perpetrators of hate' as Trump business councils disband

Jamie Dimon condemns 'perpetrators of hate' as Trump business councils disband

The words "alt-left" sounded odd coming from Donald Trump's mouth, but then most words do. A woman was killed during the event after a man rammed a auto into a crowd.

Scaramucci posted a tweet roughly paraphrasing a line from President Ronald Reagan's 1983 "evil empire" speech.

He made no mention of the alt-right thugs who had instigated the conflict.

Mr Trump announced the disbanding of his two councils - the Strategy & Policy Forum and the Manufacturing Council, which hosted numerous top corporate leaders in America - amid a growing uproar by chief executives furious over his decision to equate the actions of white supremacists with those of protesters.

"By almost two to one, Americans think that President Trump dropped the ball in his handling of this crisis", Miringoff said. But investors shrugged - Merck's shares briefly ran in front of a modestly rising market before sliding back to the pack - and for most of Monday, the other executives on the business panels kept quiet. "I think there's blame on both sides".

"In an unscripted press conference, we saw the real and unfiltered Donald Trump - the logical endpoint for a man who has consistently trafficked in racism throughout his career", she said.

Schwarzman, the chief executive of the Blackstone Group and one of Trump's closest business confidants, could announce a decision to disband Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum - in a prepared statement calling "intolerance, racism and violence" an "affront to core American values" - the president undercut him and did it himself, in a tweet.

He said Trump was wrong to say there "were very fine people on both sides", responding that "There are no good Klansmen".

The president blamed the violence, which saw a woman get killed after a vehicle plowed into a group of anti-racism protesters, not only on white nationalists but also on anti-racism activists who opposed them.

"It's clear that President Trump's Manufacturing Council was never an effective means for delivering real policy that lifts working families and his remarks today were the last straw", he said.

"I can absolutely and unambiguously tell you that there's no place for racism and bigotry in the U.S. military or in the United States as a whole", General Joe Dunford, the chairman of the USA joint chiefs of staff, told reporters during a visit to Beijing. Everyone in his family has to obey his slightest, infantile whim. Hate groups exist on fear, they cultivate fear.

Failed Republican presidential candidate John Kasich.

Get a grip. This president is a disgrace. And I stand with the president.

The question now is whether Republicans still want to work with Trump.

But all Trump did was tear our country down.

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