September 21 2017

Poll Asks A Confusing Question On White Supremacy, Assumes Americans Support It

September 21 2017, 07:41 | Geraldine Moore

Poll Asks A Confusing Question On White Supremacy, Assumes Americans Support It

Christie calls Trump's Charlottesville comments 'a mistake' - Santa Cruz Sentinel

US President Donald Trump has come under increasing pressure over his stance on the racial violence, with many members of his own Republican Party and US business executives distancing themselves from him. The president drew criticism for stating that he condemned the "hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides - on many sides".

Democrats and Republicans, along with an array of Jewish groups, have criticized Trump for placing the white supremacists and neo-Nazis and the counterprotesters on the same plane.

I can not accept a president who, when he finally denounces the white supremacists, says both sides are equally guilty, putting Heather Heyer on the same level with the terrorist who ran her down with his auto.

This follows the worst two weeks of Trump's presidency, in which he came under fire for defending white supremacists at the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, when a counterprotester was killed when a member of a white nationalist group rammed the crowd with a vehicle. These numbers reflect a downward spiral from 39 - 57 percent rating in an August 17 survey.

Vanguard America took top billing in the Charlottesville riot when James Alex Fields Jr. of OH drove his vehicle into the crowd and killed a counter protester.

What happened in Charlottesville might have shocked most Americans but it emboldened white nationalists and their allies. Then, he explicitly denounced white supremacists, and ultimately returned to his original premise that both sides were at blame and said he believed "very fine people" were among either side. However, 31 percent of voters said he is doing to unite the United States. The counter protestors at Charlottesville are to be applauded.

By a 56-28 percent margin, Americans disapproved of Trump's response to Charlottesville: 16 percent had no opinion.

Poll Asks A Confusing Question On White Supremacy, Assumes Americans Support It
Poll Asks A Confusing Question On White Supremacy, Assumes Americans Support It

However, an even larger number of voters - 62 percent - said they disapprove of Trump's corrosive and angry comments about reporters and their employers. Frankly, even if Trump had issued a major condemnation, the Left wouldn't be satisfied, as the poll also showed that both sides have made up their minds about the president.

Strategist Steve Bannon last week became the latest top White House official to be shown the door.

"And say as follows: Their code words are an America without Jews, an America without African Americans, and an America without Latinos", Hier said.

He went on to talk about his views of White supremacy, saying, "This idea that human being, someone is intrinsically more superior than another one is a repugnant, repulsive idea that strikes against everything we believe in and stand for in this country". This subgroup splits evenly in approving and disapproving of Mr Trump's response to protests - and approves of his overall job performance by 54 to 43 per cent.

Trump's electoral victory was a revolutionary event in USA history. Among whites, 49 per cent disapprove, while 35 per cent approve. I got the white supremacists, the neo-Nazi. Trump should have immediately and forcefully condemned the white supremacists.

The LA Times analyzed the flags and symbols carried by the neo-Nazis, fascist, and alt-right groups based on their historical significance. About 10 per cent of adults support the movement, including similar shares of Democrats and Republicans. Just 24% of them laid the blame on the white supremacists.

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