March 21 2018

Shutdown threat grows as Trump digs in on wall

March 21 2018, 10:20 | Van Peters

Shutdown threat grows as Trump digs in on wall

U.S. President Donald Trump greets his supproters at a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday. It was the first campaign-style rally Trump held since the violence at Charlottesville

(Where's Deutsche Bank when you need them?) As a result, Trump has turned to the familiar politics of hostage-taking in an attempt to secure the $1.6 billion he wants to begin construction. But, really, the FY18 request is a reasonable, balanced request of a border wall - $1.6 billion - as well as technology, additional Border Patrol agents, additional ICE agents, and access and surveillance equipment that will let us patrol that border more successfully. "He cares about that more than many other things".

What happens during a government shutdown? Should a government shutdown extends longer, some employees could see their paychecks delayed.

The last government shutdown was from October 1 until October 17 in 2013. But it hasn't gotten support in the Senate and the speaker said "more time" would be needed to agree on a package of bills to fund the government past September 30. He used public safety as an incentive to push the border wall project forward.

Democrats have said they support spending money for border security, but they have opposed the use of taxpayer money for the construction of a new physical wall along the Mexico border.

Responding to the speech, the former National Intelligence director James Clapper told CNN that he was questioning Donald Trump's "fitness" for office. That means it's Democrats who will likely be supplying a healthy chunk of the votes for this expected government funding/debt limit bill.

Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, a Republican who chairs a House Appropriations subcommittee, said shutting down the government was very "unwise" and such a move could backfire on the party that controls power in Washington.

"This is what I said on Saturday: "We're closely following the bad events unfolding in Charlottesville, Virginia" - this is me speaking".

Trump views smuggling devices used by border migrants during an event with Customs and Border Patrol personnel at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in Arizona on Tuesday
Shutdown threat grows as Trump digs in on wall

Instead, she said only that Trump believes it is a national security issue and necessary for the protection of America.

Travone describes himself on Twitter as a YouTube actor, political junkie and "Proud Trump supporter". "Does he think that Democratic senators will be more cooperative than John McCain and Jeff Flake and Susan Collins?"

The gesture of detente came after a New York Times report highlighted their rocky relationship and after Trump's salvo in Phoenix - an ultimatum aimed squarely at Capitol Hill.

In addition, Trump has even talked of funding opponents of GOP members of Congress such as Sen.

In the last few days alone, he has reproached Senate leader Mitch McConnell for failing to protect him from the Russian Federation probe and voiced support for Arizona senator Jeff Flake's primary challenger.

JOHN YANG: As the president spoke, emotions ran high both inside the arena, and on the streets outside, where hundreds of protesters gathered. At the time, he tweeted that a "good" government shutdown may be needed to force Democrats to make concessions.

"Instead of solving problems along the border, walls just exacerbate flooding, destroy wildlife habitat, and fragment wildlife migration corridors". Should he focus more of his efforts on the Republican agenda to do tax reform or repeal Obamacare?

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