March 21 2018

Patriots suspect Julian Edelman has torn ACL

March 21 2018, 12:47 | Sammy Rose

Patriots suspect Julian Edelman has torn ACL

Patriots suspect Julian Edelman has torn ACL

We had Gronk [Rob Gronkowski] for some looks. Whoever is in there we have to have confidence in what they're doing. First off are the immediate issues it creates for the team. Nobody has ever accused Bill Belichick of being sentimental, so it's fair to wonder just how long Edelman will stick around in New England.

The former point can be illustrated with recent statistical evidence.

Still, to see this kind of effort in the third preseason game - most starters were in there throughout the first half, and some into the third quarter - it was a discouraging effort. New England only sacked Stafford once and he's only been sacked twice all preseason.

While Hogan would become the Patriots WR2, Hogan could start to go from being undrafted to slipping into the single digit rounds in 12-team leagues. It was so one-sided that numerous Lions defensive linemen were gasping for breath before the first quarter was over. "That's a good thing on one level, but it's also a lot of work to try to make sure we try to get to every one of those cities".

With the season less than two weeks away, the Patriots will have to adjust to life without Edelman.

The first came on the third play from scrimmage. With Theo Riddick also looking ready to go for the regular season, the Lions have the components in place for a competent ground game. Edelman is not a replaceable player. Edelman broke into the secondary for 18 yards. The Patriots are one of the most hard offenses to predict from a fantasy perspective.

Here is what NFL Network's Ian Rapoport said about Edelman's injury early Saturday morning.

Since 2009, Brady's win percentage with Edelman has been 81.8 percent. Charles' Denver debut should give Vance Joseph and Mike McCoy an extended look at where he's at after two knee operations in the past year and just shedding the knee brace this past week. So putting more on those two is simultaneously the easy answer and one that could compound the problem. He finished with three stops, including one behind the line, and made a nice play on special teams that was wiped from the box score due to a penalty.

A 2013 sixth-round pick, Ware was cut by the Seattle Seahawks after just one year. Super Bowl hero James White is seen internally nearly as much receiver as he is tailback. The tight end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Dwayne Allen could both see a bump in slot snaps. The offense, however, will have to be tweaked a little bit in Edelman's absence. If he has suffered a season ending injury it is very likely he will be cut and offered an injury settlement. And New England won the Super Bowl. Last season, he was the Patriots most productive punt returner, averaging 9.0 yards per punt.

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