March 22 2018

Jay Cutler shows big-play ability with Miami Dolphins' offense

March 22 2018, 03:55 | Sammy Rose

Laremy Tunsil needs to play like a first-round left tackle for the Dolphins’ offensive line to be dependable this year

Laremy Tunsil needs to play like a first-round left tackle for the Dolphins’ offensive line to be dependable this year

Later in the first quarter, Wentz's pump fake to the right caused the defense to react, allowing Alshon Jeffery to sneak down the field untouched for a 15-yard touchdown.

"I think (this week of practice) sped up things a little bit, because you got some more game-like situations and practicing against (the Eagles), so I think I was able to speed up my clock". Carson Wentz has now sandwiched a fairly uneventful performance in his second preseason outing with two good ones in games one and two. In the first quarter, Wentz threw a 50-yard touchdown pass to Torrey Smith. He didn't play against the Dolphins on Thursday, however, and coach Doug Pederson said it was because the return to work led to a return of the soreness. "It's just a little bit sloppy, it's a little bit not being on the same page". Thursday marked the first time the Eagles had all five starting offensive linemen this preseason. "But we moved the ball well and for the starters, it was exciting to watch". He downed two punts inside the 20-yard line during Thursday's 38-31 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but only one of his punts has been fair caught. "This is the last showcase we have to prove to the staff that I should be a part of this 53-man roster".

- Mike Pouncey said the game against the Eagles showcased Jay Cutler's passing ability. Blount in particular struggled to find room.

Now LeGarrette Blount is on the scene after hitting career-highs in carries (299), yards (1,161) and touchdowns (18) in New England last season.

"That was our goal", Johnson said. Then come back the next week and have two picks and it just goes up from there. "We want to protect the football".

Is Colin Kaepernick better than Jay Cutler, as Spike Lee says? "Last week he was still kinda of feeling his way out, but now I think he looks more comfortable".

Will the Eagles cover the point spread versus the Dolphins tonight when the teams meet at 7:00PM ET?

The plain fact is the Eagles need the work.

When offensive players change teams in the National Football League, there are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating their new Fantasy value. They'll study an opponent's tendencies and blitzes, then devise a plan to beat those packages.

"It was pretty cool, especially being that it's my first time here", he said. "But it's no excuse". Best of all, they got through their third game without a significant injury to a starting player. While Wentz looked good in those finds, it was noted that the Eagles' offensive line was certainly not preventing contact with their quarterback. The lone sack doesn't reflect the pressure placed on Eagles quarterbacks.

Perhaps that's the best reason of all there's no reason to panic.

After all, it's only preseason. Like if this was my first year, I would be really, really beating myself down. "That's the way it is every year". It was time. I was very excited about his potential when the Chargers traded up to get him, but he was a bust.

When the regular season begins, however, the emphasis will certainly be on protecting this team's No. 1 asset, that being the smiling, red-bearded guy with the strong arm and surprisingly effective gift of escapability.

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