March 22 2018

Looking for more assets after finding out Isaiah Thomas injury

March 22 2018, 03:58 | Sammy Rose

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

While the Nets' unprotected first-round pick may have been the headliner of the deal from Cleveland's perspective, Thomas served as the Cavs' most important piece for the immediate future.

The organization knew Isaiah Thomas had hip problems. Since then, the All-Star point guard has been resting his hip after Boston team doctors prescribed a summer regimen of rehabilitation. And the message was relayed by an National Basketball Association legend.

With Irving or Thomas leading the way in Boston, the Celtics would still be underdogs against Cleveland in a playoff series. Walking away from the deal would be a nightmare scenario, staring at the potential of bringing a disgruntled Irving to training camp after it looked like he was Boston bound.

Wojnarowski reported Saturday that Thomas has yet to resume running.

"Kyrie [Irving] was expecting a trade, he was prepared for it".

An NBA team can renege on a deal if the players involved fail a physical examination.

It's worth noting that the Celtics hold a wealth of possible assets they can use to solidify an Irving trade, including six first-round draft picks over the next two drafts. Sure, Cleveland can veto the deal, but then what? If the trade was voided the situation becomes worse. They've been seeking a star for the last few years and Irving gives them a second to pair with prized free agent Gordon Hayward. Either team can call off the trade at this point.

Cavaliers backup shooting guard Iman Shumpert has reportedly requested a similar trade, seemingly frustrated after being on the team's trading block numerous times the last two years.

The #Cleveland Cavaliers want either #Jaylen Brown or Jayron Tatum as additional compensation before they finalize the trade involving Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas.

Thomas and the Celtics opted against surgery on the hip. Boston Globe reporter Adam Himmelsbach said that a source told him that an attempt to renegotiate the trade would be the most likely option if the Cavaliers deem that Thomas isn't healthy enough to pass a physical.

While the Cavs desire is to have one of those players as an addition to the recent trade. With luck, things could change for the better, possibly giving the Cleveland Cavaliers a higher chance of landing the top draft pick.

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