September 25 2017

Search and rescue task force leaves for Texas

September 25 2017, 02:46 | Van Peters

Nebraska rescue group in flood-ravaged Houston area, helps evacuate nursing home

Hurricane Harvey prep

The Red Cross said, "Overnight Hurricane Harvey made a destructive landfall near Rockport, Texas with winds at 131 miles per hour as a Category 4 Hurricane".

The New Jersey's Urban Search and Rescue team will be divided into six components: Search, Rescue, Planning, Logistics, Hazmat and Medical. "We've been to Moore, to Joplin, but this water is very damaging and it affects a lot of people in a broad area", Sivadon said.

Fairfax County's urban search and rescue team is sending one of its swift water rescue teams to Texas to help.

Harvey storm totals are no topping 30 inches with more rain on the way. To help with the ongoing relief efforts, Apple now lets you donate for Harvey storm relief via iTunes.

Forty-seven members of the 210-member team were dispatched to Texas. Among their ranks: Ohio's Task Force One.

"It's pure all-hands-on-deck in rescue mode, trying to evacuate as many individuals as we can", Thavenet said, adding that he doesn't know how long the team will be needed in the Houston area.

This particular group is heading for Katy, Texas, a suburb west of Houston.

The local Red Cross also has at least two volunteers working virtually in a call center to help connect Harvey victims with resources. The task force helped out in other disasters, like 9-11, and Hurricane Katrina. "They're priceless. They can search an area faster and more efficiently than any human or any scientific tool", Wong said.

The Orange Fire Authority activated its California Task force 5 and sent it to San Antonio from Irvine Friday evening. Included in their massive 60,000-pound equipment cache are devices that will allow crew members to break into steel or reinforced concrete buildings and structures, as well as listening devices and cameras for finding people needing rescue.

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