March 21 2018

Bossie Excited for Trump's Message on Tax Reform

March 21 2018, 12:37 | Van Peters

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But Congress can not cut domestic spending enough to offset the huge revenue losses caused by "Reverse-Robin-Hood" tax breaks to the rich and famous, ratcheting up federal debt.

After the Senate judiciary committee invited him to attend a July hearing to testify in public, Trump Jr. instead cut a deal with the committee to avoid that session.

Along with deregulation, he said reform of the tax code for the first time in more than 30 years is "the foundation of our job creation agenda".

Trump took to Twitter to announce his arrival in Missouri - plus a reminder that he had "won [the state] by a lot in '16" - a statement which makes me happy to have such a killer gag reflex.

"I believe this administration can and must do better in consistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities", Cohn told the Financial Times in a striking rebuke of a president by one of his top advisers. Inaction on tax reform could very well mean minority status in 2019.

The White House in April released the broad strokes of Trump's proposal to reform the tax code. Chop out huge sections of the tax code?

"Work with Democrats, Mr. President?"

Trump told the crowd the White House chose Springfield for the address because it is considered the birthplace of the legendary Route 66, "where the Main Street of America got its start".

The White House played down the omission, saying White House staff members typically aren't recognized in prepared remarks, only Cabinet members. The devastation wrought from Hurricane Harvey - and the disaster relief funds that will need congressional approval - further busies out the calendar.

Republicans also agree on the importance of tax reform and tax cuts when it comes to growing the economy. Congressional leaders, however, have been bullish that reform will be the final result.

The question is how much of the tax burden is borne by workers. Republicans, as well as any Trump-state Democrats seeking to help hardworking American taxpayers with this pro-growth legislation, need to come together.

Schumer says Republicans shouldn't use "fuzzy math or brazenly partisan estimates" to claim their tax plan wouldn't add to deficits.

Our report analyzes the 92 publicly held American corporations that reported a profit in the United States every year from 2008 through 2015 and paid less than 20 percent of their earnings in federal income tax.

GOP communications strategist Kevin Madden said he's not concerned about the lack of specifics from Trump.

But it also defies the economic theory about why tax cuts might be advantageous for the economy. He stressed the urgency of coaxing USA companies back from their overseas tax shelters but didn't say how that policy would look. The meeting follows a recess that has seen Trump lambast several top Republicans, especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., after the collapse of the GOP health care bill in his chamber.

The House Freedom Caucus, which remains close to Trump, has already flexed its muscle in the debate. "There's a reason why constitutionally all tax bills have to begin in the House", he said.

And the benefits may never be realized if lawmakers simply pass a temporary tax cut for a few years, since temporary tax cuts are not considered good for sustained growth.

Missouri has shifted to the right since McCaskill joined the Senate in 2007.

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