March 22 2018

JJ Watt has already raised $3463724 million for the Hurricane Harvey victims

March 22 2018, 03:53 | Sammy Rose

JJ Watt has already raised $3463724 million for the Hurricane Harvey victims

JJ Watt has already raised $3463724 million for the Hurricane Harvey victims

Thousands of people there have fled their homes in search of emergency shelter amid severe flooding.

The president and first lady Melania Trump spent the day in Texas to get a firsthand look at the indescribable damage caused by Harvey.

The number of confirmed deaths rose to 20 when authorities reported that two men died in separate drownings.

Human chains: In Houston, a woman who went into labor was rescued by neighbors and firefighters who formed a human chain, per ABC.

While well to the east of Tropical Storm Harvey's destructive path, the parishes in the Baton Rouge region are expected to get soaked with 4 to 8 inches of rain through Thursday as the storm makes its way across Louisiana.

Five days after slamming into Texas as a major hurricane, Harvey made a second landfall on Wednesday, hitting Louisiana, a state which still bears deep scars from 2005's Hurricane Katrina.

Sandra Bullock is joining the effort to provide relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey by donating $1 million (£774,000) to charities in Texas.

Almost five days after Hurricane Harvey touched Texas soil, the storm has broken state rainfall records and sparked unprecedented flooding across Southeast Texas and the city of Houston, where residents are desperate for relief.

"Unfortunately, it seems that our worst thoughts are being realised", said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. Such a scenario would be "totally unacceptable", said the mayor, a Democrat who took office past year.

"The water is receding here, but we are not sure if it's going to come back", Allen said. "Parts of Houston, the United States' fourth-largest city will be uninhabitable for weeks and possibly months due to water damage, mold, disease-ridden water and all that will follow this 1,000-year flood", he said.

Arkema said the plant has been hit by more than 102 cm of rain, was heavily flooded and without electricity since Sunday.

You can find out more about how to aid recovery efforts in both Texas and Louisiana at Volunteer Louisiana. "But it does mean we need to expand our capabilities and our capacity", Mayor Sylvester Turner said. Houston now faces significant flooding due to the city's intricate system of bayous that were constructed following the Civil War.

Tropical Storm Harvey has made landfall again in the USA state of Louisiana after hovering in the Gulf of Mexico.

"The pumps, the canals, everything worked just the way we planned for them to work yesterday", he says, "And we think that will continue on into the future".

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