March 22 2018

Largest US refinery shut due to flooding from Harvey

March 22 2018, 04:06 | Frederick Owens

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Havey's Rains Now Flooding New Areas

"Our whole city is underwater right now", he wrote, in a message of encouragement that nonetheless communicated the distress the city was facing. Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman posted Wednesday morning on Facebook. "We need any type of boat we can get and get people out of their house".

USA gasoline futures hit a new a two-year high on Thursday (31 August), after Storm Harvey made a second landfall over the Louisiana coastline resulting in the closure of America's largest refinery and another key regional pipeline.

"The rain is still coming down", she added. The girl was in stable condition with hypothermia.

"We're getting 911 and rescue calls, but there's nothing we can do", Stephens told KFDM.

As for Port Arthur and Beaumont, below is emergency information for those who are trapped, and awaiting assistance, as residents continue to fight for survival in this catastrophic flooding. Murky brown water almost reached the top of cots at the shelter.

Record-shattering rainfall hit the cities of Beaumont and Port Arthur in southeastern Texas Wednesday, unleashing flash floods that swamped hundreds of residents who had sought safety in a local shelter. Houston's numbers dominate on that note, along with the city's sheer number of homes - an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 - that have been destroyed by the storm.

The move became expedient when Harvey made a second landfall this morning near the Louisiana-Texas border - the border of both states in which Port Arthur sits.

"Our heart is breaking for our community and we trying to help in as many ways as possible", the sheriff's department said in a message posted shortly before midnight.

At least $23 billion worth of property has been affected by flooding from Harvey just in parts of Texas' Harris and Galveston counties, a Reuters analysis of satellite imagery and property data showed.

BEAUMONT - Thousands of southeast Texans climbed on top of their cars and roofs, pleading for help from friends and strangers, after Tropical Storm Harvey unloaded more than 2 feet of rain late Tuesday and Wednesday and left neighborhoods in ruins with nowhere for floodwaters to drain.

The Colonial Pipeline operator said Tuesday the reduction was due to limited supply from refiners around Houston and storm damage to its facilities in several southeast Texas locations.

Officials there say the city has lost service from its main pump station due to rising waters of the Neches River caused by Harvey.

Still, the reprieve from the rain in Houston was welcome.

In the Houston area, officials said that more than 4,800 people have been rescued by the Coast Guard and local police while countless people are waiting for aid.

"We just pray that the body count ... won't rise significantly". Authorities found a third rescuer clinging to a tree, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

One of those stranded is Anike Allen. Pat Ortego, a retired nurse who was working as a volunteer, said the shelter was bracing for more displaced people.One shelter resident, Edward Lewis, 54, said he awoke from a deep sleep on Monday night in his home in Lake Charles, swung his legs out of bed and landed in ankle-deep water.

He said rain continues to fall and flooding in certain areas may last another week.

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