March 21 2018

Local drivers seeing spike in gas prices from Hurricane Harvey

March 21 2018, 12:42 | Van Peters

Crisis A motorist fills up in Texas

Crisis A motorist fills up in Texas

In the Texas storm zone, the effects of Harvey greatly varied, with gas prices decreasing slightly in Corpus Christi due to decreased demand, while Houston residents, many of whom filled up in the days before the storm, saw increases.

Gasoline prices jumped to two-year highs Friday as Hurricane Harvey continued to paralyze refineries and pipelines in Texas.

In the last few days, prices have soared an average of 10 cents a litre across the country.

Prices at the pump have hit a high for the year for the United States.

As of Thursday night, the average cost of gas in the D.C. area was $2.40 - 10 cents more compared to before Harvey made landfall.

In downtown Dallas, some stations charged well over $3 for a regular gallon of gas Thursday, and one downtown Shell station charged $3.97, the Associated Press reported.

McTeague said Ontario's lack of refinery capacity puts the province at the mercy of big US markets.

Locally, prices across the Greater Toronto Area may hit between $1.329 and $1.339 per litre on September 2.

And once they start producing fuel - probably toward the end of the month - prices should drop steadily.

"Strong travel demand throughout the summer has kept upward pressure on gas prices across the Rockies region", he added. Some of the apps will also tell you if the stations are out of gas. "They're as alarmed about it as their customers are". Reformulated gas burns cleaner than conventional gasoline. The cheapest, at $2.43, was the 7-11 at 189 Main St., Leicester. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Friday there's "plenty of gasoline in the state of Texas", noting that shipments were coming from other states and that a pipeline that normally sends gasoline from Texas to Oklahoma had been reversed. Consumers have alleged price-gouging in Texas. Now, Colonial Pipeline had to limit flows on its system, limiting the amount of fuels being sent into the line, and motorists across America are starting to see higher prices at the pump. "Let's hope it's short term". With flooding, loss of life, and extensive property damage in Houston, the problems caused by the Category 4 hurricane are not going to go away overnight.

This week, gas price increases have been even more severe in the Southeast - up 20 cents for the week in SC and 17 cents in Georgia.

McTeague said the incredible floods that followed more than a metre of rainfall on the Texas Gulf Coast are a worst-case scenario.

But in Port Arthur, Motiva's plant, the nation's largest refinery, could remain shut for up to two weeks, according to Reuters, which could continue to disrupt gas supplies nationwide.

"Overall stocks (of gasoline) in the Gulf are above average levels and will be available to drivers once power is restored and area roads are cleared".

The Colonial Pipeline provides almost 40 percent of the South's gasoline.

There's 230 million barrels of refined gasoline in the US inventory, Sitton said.

The upcoming Labor Day holiday is mostly to blame for the sudden spike in prices, according to AAA.

AAA said drivers should not be alarmed.

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