March 21 2018

'It' Movie Leaves Creepy Red Balloons Around Sydney

March 21 2018, 10:07 | Frederick Owens

CaptionThis image released by Warner Bros

CaptionThis image released by Warner Bros

"Also, we get a hint of what his Achilles" heel is. IT is a scary horror film and one that finishes so strongly that you're likely to have forgiven its flaws when you shuffle out of the cinema, treading on popcorn flung into the air during jump scares and watching out for clown hands sneaking up from under the seats. That was my life... I'm encouraged. I know that we are proud of the movie.

IT captures our affection for simpler times with constant visual references to 1980s nostalgia, like theater marquees showing double-features Batman and Lethal Weapon 2, or arcade machines of the Street Fighter 1. Admittedly, some of the members shine more than others, but that's never so damning that it derails them as a cohesive unit.

It did calm me down, but I remember a recurring, genuine fear of that concept.

Another added: "Having already seen the It movie I would suggest that no one goes next to the red balloons all around Sydney". It scared the hell out of me.

"Some people are obsessed with Pennywise". So how do you do that? The character feels wonderfully considered, with everything from his voice to his jerky movement precisely created to twist you into a state of deep discomfort. "Nobody will do Tim Curry as good as Tim Curry, and nobody can do Bill Skarsgard except me!" he said with a laugh.

"[King's] books speak for themselves, his career speaks for itself".

This Friday will see the release of IT, the long-awaited adaptation of Stephen King's chilling novel. "That was the motivation throughout the entire six-plus year process".

Despite updating the time period to the Stranger Things-fan friendly "80s (it even features that series" Finn Wolfhard as one of the Losers) the new It doesn't wallow in nostalgia, and largely confines it to a handful of New Kids on the Block jokes.

"We have here a guy that is as committed and fearless". Of course the number one thing for us is that we want to be well received.

The costuming has a more vintage look, and Skarsgard - whose role really, really ought to be expanded in the next chapter - delivers each menace-imbued word, every posture and pounce with relish. It's not just the over the top scares that make him disturbingly memorable it's the little touches, the fact that he has a fluctuating tone of voice, an ever shifting eye colour to possibly denote his mood and a stare that just pierces your soul.

What's going to set your interpretation of Pennywise apart? "So that ultimately when we do hopefully get to tell the second part of the story, it'll be present day".

Born in the year the TV movie came out, Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard - brother of Alexander and son of Stellan - was cast as Pennywise for the 2017 movie.

The man behind Mr. Glasses and Showtime Marketing, Chris Campbell, said the client (Village Roadshow) restricted the agencies from using imagery of Pennywise, the clown depicted in the movie, in executing the marketing stunt. If you're looking for a ton of frightening fun after a long summer movie drought, just lean into the nightmare and go see IT. "We all respect your job, and I'm sorry". My only complaint, which is honestly just personal preference, is that the film shows quite a bit of Pennywise from the get-go, rather than teasing him out and building suspense.

Stephen King's seminal work about a group of put-upon children who overcome their fears - personified as a demonic clown - and later revisit their childhood traumas as adults has been adapted once before, in a 1990 TV mini-series.

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