March 22 2018

Obama says Trump immigration move 'cruel', not 'required legally'

March 22 2018, 03:52 | Van Peters

Obama says Trump immigration move 'cruel', not 'required legally'

Obama says Trump immigration move 'cruel', not 'required legally'

Trump administration ended the Obama-era programme on Tuesday that allowed some undocumented immigrants, who came to the children, to work and live legally.

The latest government figures show more than 787,000 have been approved for the program since 2012.

Lisa Zajur heads up Passport to Education with the commerce; a pilot program with area schools across central Virginia in which 100 Latino DACA students are enrolled. "If they can't, I will revisit this issue!". The majority of Americans support protecting DACA recipients in some form, according to multiple polls.

The groups asked to piggyback on an existing lawsuit brought a year ago by Martin Batalla Vidal, who was brought to the United States from Mexico by his parents when he was seven.

Trump said the program will be gradually phased out by basically no longer renewing the two-year permits. The application and renewal process take several weeks, and many immigrants hire lawyers to help navigate the process.

The program protected undocumented minors who were brought to the minors from deportation.

The overwhelming majority of DACA recipients are from Mexico.

Six in 10 have an American-citizen sibling; one in four has an American-citizen child.

As President Donald Trump ends immigration protections for so-called Dreamers, Washington state prepares for a court fight.

The last major attempt to pass the legislation was in 2011.

"It has been a hard time for the Mi Casa staff", says Bronwyn Moreno who runs the center. Refreshingly, there is a bipartisan effort to do so, the "DREAM Act".

The President, now calling on congress to come up with a new plan for some 800,000 dreamers.

But even if Trump decides to repeal DACA, business advocacy could mean something to Congress, and how strongly it acts to save the program.

"Such an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch", Sessions said. But he chose to end it. When her permit expires in 2019, she won't be able to re-apply.

"Beginning probably six months from now, there will be about a thousand people per day who will lose their deferred action status", said Roach.

"In my judgment, DACA has stood as a counterpoint to the voices of exclusion and now, without the action of Congress, this crucial support for these young immigrants has been taken away".

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