March 21 2018

The Best New England Patriots Memes Ahead Of the Season Opener

March 21 2018, 12:39 | Sammy Rose

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New England Patriots Victory Parade

The Patriots don't have an extremely tough schedule, but that doesn't mean they aren't facing any tough defenses.

Adding to that, Brady's decision making has only gotten better with age. It is. Brady is 52-1 at home against AFC opponents since 2007.

"Really, it's on us (for the defense to live up to its potential)", he said. In a business where contrarian viewpoints are all the rage, that is as close to unanimous as you're going to get. There were some mixed feelings and the starters didn't play a whole lot in any of the games, but it was the preseason and nothing was overly shocking. "That's a hell of a lot of games, now". This is a simple answer which could help the Chiefs chances on winning.

Dallas Cowboys - The Cowboys were a surprise team last season, going from 4-12 in 2015 to 13-3 and winning the NFC East a year ago.

The defense - led in part by Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison and Junior Seau - played its age down the stretch. The Chiefs made a trade in order to pick a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft because Alex Smith often times has trouble moving the ball against upper echelon defenses. Of course, none of these teams compares with the Patriots, that franchise you either outright love or outright hate.

This key is simple as well.

AFC East: The Patriots are still the Patriots and cruise to the NFL's best record at 14-2, and yes, Bill Belichick will still be grumpy about it. The offensive line of the Pats will need to watch every single side of Tom Brady, or Thursday could be a very long and brutal evening.

Malcolm Mitchell will also be one of the targets of Brady.

Good things don't always happen for Brady against the Chiefs. "The NFL game has advanced in the last 10 years to the point where this 2017 Patriots team would have the highest power rating vs. any previous team". New England was also able to retain Malcolm Butler and brought in Stephon Gilmore from the rival Buffalo Bills which puts this Pats group on par with the offense and makes them perhaps the most complete team in the National Football League heading into week one action. The Chargers surprise everyone, and by the end of the season everyone will know the name Joey Bosa. "He's probably going to figure it out, but we can make it hard for him". The Chiefs suffered a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional round. Perhaps Johnson will feign a blitz here or there, or a defensive lineman will give him a false tell. Heck, just one had them in the AFC Championship Game. "But still do your job". Pressure from defensive tackles is good.

The easiest way to do that is by blitzing.

The Chiefs have a deep and talented front seven, so it all depends on if it can get after Brady. We'll leave criticism of Goodell to Dallas Cowboy fans and they're complaints about the Ezekiel Elliot situation.

Expect Kansas City to have kinks every once in awhile in week one, but still expect this team to come out firing right out of the gate. "The only way to the quarterback is to win 1-on-1s".

It all starts on Thursday night, when the Chiefs take on the defending Super Bowl champions.

Brady did say he has kept in touch with Brett Favre, who as a 40-year-old in 2009 had arguably the best season of his Hall of Famer career when he threw 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions and led Minnesota to the NFC Conference Championship game.

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