February 24 2018

Destiny 2 Director Comments On Shaders Controversy, Clarifies Their Usage

February 24 2018, 05:53 | Geraldine Moore

Image via Activision

Image via Activision

Still, let's stick to the positives, because there is a lot to like - especially considering that with Bungie at the helm, Destiny 2 is easily one of the best-playing first-person shooters on the planet. It knows what it needs to be for players to best enjoy it.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'll know that Destiny 2 came out earlier this week. There's actually a story this time around.

Mostly because the original was a successful one, and fans expect that this sequel will be an overall improvement of the game.

It's yet another entry in the ongoing love-hate relationship between players and a developer that quixotically attempts to keep those fans from burning its community to the ground. A few threads on Reddit within the game's community received a lot of attention for their concern on how Bungie was limiting the use of the shaders as well. And while the game earned a devoted following of regular players, I wasn't alone in giving up. More importantly, its fresh slate gives players a chance to go back to the drawing board, and to reimagine their ideal space superhero. Sometimes, that's just by yourself. This is about as blatant a money grab as you'll ever see. I don't like them, but I do believe there is a healthy way to implement them into Destiny 2, and the way they're now being handled isn't it. You don't just play through a campaign or in a series of online matches. The sequel is a much-improved experience largely because it respects the player's time and gives more objective to the activities you perform in Bungie's virtual world.

Getting a stockpile of shaders doesn't beat just having a collection you can use at will, even if the shader drops were so frequent that you never ran out of the ones you want.

"You have lost connection to the destiny 2 servers".

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"We're really trying to support a spectrum of players", says Noseworthy. It's more streamlined and focused, stripping players of all of their gear and levels to offer a completely fresh start for everyone involved. But I still want a game to play that's fun.

Visually, Destiny 2 is a great looking title.

Destiny 2, by comparison, has so much more to discover. Luckily, DualShockers reported that Bungie is fully aware of the Destiny 2 bugs and they are working on the issues at this time.

Read: Destiny 2: Which Edition to Buy? But the latter hit many a bump along its three-year journey. That poker night replacement Bungie hopes for? It didn't help that many key pieces of information were barely in the game itself. With Destiny chalked up as a learning experience, Destiny 2 is the culmination of Bungie's efforts to right their wrongs, and for the most part, it succeeds.

We've known that date for a while now, but Bungie have also fleshed out the rest of the weekly events coming in the game's first month.

For the game's most dedicated audience, though, it's a real problem that directly conflicts with the sense of ownership and in-game representation that's at the heart of the game. That's more confident in the product. In a bunch of ways that's been really motivating to the team. Plain and simple. This was a choice, and it was not a choice made with the enjoyment of the game in mind. "We have the talent, we have the people, we have the time, and with Destiny 2 we think players are gonna tell us whether we did that or not".

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