February 24 2018

Why Patriots Were Stupid In Loss To Chiefs

February 24 2018, 05:56 | Sammy Rose

Why Patriots Were Stupid In Loss To Chiefs

New England Patriots 4 Down Review: Week 1 vs Chiefs

Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt then fumbled on his first professional play and it looked like the Patriots were going to run rampant over the Chiefs.

"Just shows you've got to be ready every week, week-in and week-out", Gronkowski said. The Chiefs' third-round pick rushed for 148 yards on 17 carries and added 98 more yards through the air on five catches.

It was also the first time the Patriots have lost at the Gillette Stadium when leading at half-time in 82 games.

Hunt finished the day with 246 total yards and three touchdowns on 24 touches. Only Ottis Anderson (193), William Anderson (167) and Billy Sims (153) rushed for more yards in their first National Football League games. (He was also about 10 points off from a ideal passer rating, finishing at 148.6.) It was just the seventh time in his career Smith amassed at least 300 yards passing, and the first time he connected for four touchdown passes.

This might have been the best game of Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith's career. If he does indeed have a serious injury, expect him to come back better than ever. "He was really a big chunk of the offense tonight".

Early on, the Pats looked to be on fire with Brady getting numerous receivers involved and hitting a couple of different players for touchdowns.

With that type of speed, Tyreek Hill probably should be an Olympic sprinter, but he just happens to be able to catch exceptionally well in addition to that, making him a pretty lethal weapon in the NFL.

It seems clear that the Patriots will continue to cycle in running backs, giving players like Burkhead and Lewis bigger chances depending on the matchup.

Hunt fumbled, and New England recovered.

"A lot of people would have duck their head or put their tail under their legs", Johnson said. He goes, 'I think I can get him on this one, ' so we called it and he got him.

"There's a lot of things we need to work on", said Belichick. The Chiefs went on to hand the Patriots only their second loss at home to an AFC opponent since 2007. Wow.

"I don't think the average person truly knows how hard it is to win a game and maybe this team doesn't know that", he said.

The key to Hunt's success? "It started out just a little bit shaky but it was all heart. I'm going to be cautious and learn from my mistakes and keep coming out".

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