March 22 2018

Officials announce DACA fundraising campaign in Philadelphia

March 22 2018, 04:07 | Van Peters

Officials announce DACA fundraising campaign in Philadelphia

Officials announce DACA fundraising campaign in Philadelphia

The earlier USA administration under President Barack Obama had, in 2012, offered hundreds of thousands of young, undocumented immigrants right for permanent stay in the country in exchange of information on their home addresses, study and work and their date of entry in the United States. But Democrats may have to accept them to help the dreamers. "As soon as we know more about where things are changing, then we'll be able to work more closely with them". DACA recipients should speak to a trusted community-based organization or immigration attorney to determine if there are more secure immigration options to permit them to remain and work in the US legally.

In the meantime, says Napolitano, the University of California system will do all it can to reassure these students that their education, financial status and safety on campus will not be jeopardized.

We now ask Congress to undo this heartless act and pass legislation that will restore protection to the Dreamers and provide a way for them to become full citizens of the United States instead of living in a political limbo.

The White House made clear it wants Congress to protect roughly 800,000 people who came to this country illegally as children.

Zeid also voiced alarm at an "increase in detentions and deportations of well-established and law-abiding immigrants" in the United States. So the reaction from higher ed is not surprising.

Trump's move fulfilled a campaign promise of zero tolerance toward illegal immigrants. Current DACA participants with a permit expiring before March 5, 2018, are eligible to renew their two-year permit before October 5th, 2017. That, he emphasized, gives Congress time to enact a replacement constitutionally, should lawmakers choose. "It will just expire at the end of that term". They also say immigrants in Texas and Florida, which have large undocumented populations, could miss the deadline because of the extreme disruption caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

After Sessions' announcement, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he hoped Congress can find "a permanent legislative solution that includes ensuring that those who have done nothing wrong can still contribute as a valued part of this great country". She said she's afraid for her younger sister who now can't apply for DACA.

This means students in your classes are Dreamers, young adults who are American in every way. "They make a lot of sacrifices".

Moreover, Obama's 2014 Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, which would have given protection to some 4 million parents of legal residents, was ruled invalid by federal courts.

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