February 24 2018

Apple announces third generation smartwatch with LTE

February 24 2018, 05:59 | Geraldine Moore

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Apple Watch 3 release date UK, price and specs: LTE Apple Watch 3 to use the same phone number as iPhone its

But that could all change, now that Apple's newest Watch has LTE built in.

Verizon Communications (VZ) and Sprint (S) could get a subscriber and revenue boost from a new cellular version of the Apple Watch. Most succeeding devices improve on their predecessor's hardware specs though so a faster and more capable chip comes as no surprise to most though it does mean Siri will be able to talk directly from the Watch.

Apple has announced its third generation of its smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3, alongside its new iPhones. And the W2 chip adds 80 percent faster Wi-Fi while being 50 percent more power efficient.

Williams mentioned that Apple Watch Series 3 would sync up with your phone's apps and plan.

Additional benefits include the ability to use Apple Maps, stream music, and text over your cellular network-carriers in the US will include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon-and it will run on the new watchOS 4.

The cellular connectivity comes via an electronic SIM card integrated right into the watch.

When Tim Cook announced a year ago that Apple was the number two watchmaker in the world, we said that made sense: Rolex is the giant in the watch world, and passing it would be some type of feat. Furthermore, a built-in speaker enables Siri to speak from the owner's wrist. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) also debuts a special red Digital Crown and exclusive "Explorer" watch face that shows cellular connectivity through a unique design.

Apple revealed its latest wearable device: the Apple Watch Series 3, which will be available for pre-order this week. The Apple Watch Series 1's price has been reduced to $249.

The revamped iOS Watch 4 operating system will be available September 19.

Apple Watch can further detect if you have an elevated heart rate when resting, and report on your heart rhythm. "With the introduction of iPhone ten years ago, we revolutionised the mobile phone with Multi-Touch. iPhone X marks a new era for iPhone - one in which the device disappears into the experience". Both watches will be available via select Apple authorized retailers starting September 29.

The new watch will include a new, faster dual-core processor compared to the upcoming iPhone 8's six-core processor, which is 70% quicker than the previous model.

The Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, which are still available to buy, come in rose gold, space gray, and gold. But the non-cellular version will be available here at launch. This has been asked of Apple for years and the company has finally introduced this.

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