February 24 2018

Fast storm surge in Naples as Irma accelerates

February 24 2018, 05:49 | Van Peters

Hurricane Irma: Storm hits west coast of Florida

Hurricane Irma

Some communities have lost power, and communication is becoming increasingly hard with towns in more remote areas, the BBC's Will Grant in Havana reports.

Irma made its second landfall on Marco Island along the southwest Florida coast Sunday afternoon with 115 miles per hour winds after battering the Florida Keys earlier Sunday.

Irma hit the Florida Keys on Sunday as a Category 4 hurricane, pummeling the tourist archipelago with screeching winds and storm surges that tore off roofs and knocked down trees and powerlines.

The coast's near 540,000 residents fled last October ahead of Hurricane Matthew, which caused an estimated 500 million USA dollars in damage and killed three people.

Thursday night's magnitude 8.1 quake has killed at least 90 people across southern Mexico, and damaged or destroyed thousands of houses and hundreds of schools.

Bethany Spagnuolo, 33, and her family in Sebastian, a coastal city about 95 miles (153 km) south of Orlando, wait each hurricane season for a storm powerful enough to continue one wacky tradition: hurricane skateboarding.

French officials said six out of 10 homes on Saint-Martin were so badly damaged that they were uninhabitable. We've got downed power lines all across the state. That suggests just a "gradual" restocking of Florida's gasoline supplies, the investment bank wrote in a research report on Monday.

Hurricane Irma will likely have diminished in strength by the time it reaches Cobb County early this week, but flooding is still a possibility in north Georgia, according to the National Weather Service in Peachtree City.

Flooded streets, damaged homes are what Floridians from Jacksonville to Key West woke up to on Monday.

"We don't know the fate of our brothers and sister in those islands", Misick said.

Deme Lomas, the owner of Niu Kitchen in Miami, watched as gusts of wind dismantled a crane from its perch on the top of a building.

U.S. President Donald Trump, acting at the governor's request, approved a major disaster declaration for Florida on Sunday, freeing up emergency federal aid in response to Irma, which he called "some big monster".

A man died in the town of Marathon in the Florida Keys when his vehicle hit a tree on Saturday. Almost 7 million people in the Southeast were warned to get out of the storm's path, including 6.4 million in Florida alone.

Miami International Airport, one of the busiest in the country, halted passenger flights through at least Monday.

Night-time curfews have been imposed in areas such as Miami, where 13 people were arrested on suspicion of looting. Right on its heels, Hurricane Jose, looked to be headed east, away from the islands Irma ravaged days before.

Three quarters of the population were without power as the authorities began the task of restoring basic infrastructure and services.

US officials haven't been able to reach St. Martin, where a reported 70 percent of homes were destroyed, and instead are relying on the Dutch and French government to aid the USA citizens trapped there.

Another death - the second - has been confirmed in the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten.

Turks and Caicos Islands: Widespread damage, although extent unclear. While she and her son stay inside the shelter, her husband is hunkering down with their dog at home. There have been at least three reported tornadoes in central and south Florida. Officials stationed the USS Wasp near the Virgin Islands to medically evaluate patients and do damage assessments.

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